Accessibility Testing

Our accessibility testing services ensure complete coverage in terms of verifying the site and ensure it is accessible to a wide range of people with disabilities, including blindness, low vision, color-blindness, hearing loss, learning and cognitive disabilities, motor and speech disabilities, photosensitive seizures, and combinations of these.

Developing an accessible application is no longer considered optional. Instead, it’s a social responsibility. And even beyond the moral obligation, it is essential to test sites thoroughly for accessibility compliance for financial reasons, as businesses may lose customers if their site isn’t accessible.


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How We Built Fully Accessible Websites For A Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Through online surveys, the customer’s team had identified that ~35 percent of site visitors were finding it difficult to access the site due to motor skills and visual impairments. With the aim to provide a uniform website browsing experience to all types of site visitors, Axelerant’s QA team conducted various kinds of accessibility tests using a combination of human tested and automated checks, improving the overall customer experience.

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QA Checklists Per Conformance Level

QA Checklists Per Conformance Level

We understand the various conformance levels (A, AA and AAA) and create an exclusive checklist to verify success criteria for WCAG 2.1 compliance. By figuring out the achievement criteria for every stage, we’re able to adapt the checklist according to the conformance stage to be achieved.

Humans & Automated Tool Testing

Humans & Automated Tool Testing

Completely automating accessibility testing prevents QA teams from being able to check the usability of the application. However, there are many ways to assess accessibility using automated tools. We utilize a blend of testing techniques to guarantee usability and quality.

Complete Coverage

Complete Coverage

For web, mobile and desktop apps, we verify several aspects like keyboard compatibility, use of screen readers paired with a keyboard, screen magnifiers, color contrast analyzers, and more to ensure ease of use for visually challenged users. We also offer our services to test the accessibility of various document types.

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A QA Engineer's Perspective to Accessibility Testing

Here's why it's important to test all applications for accessibility, as well as the guiding principles and QA checklists to get you started. Knowing these different accessibility techniques will help you make the content more accessible for your audience.