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Get dependable guidance from reliable experts who can help you weave quality in from inception to production. For small scale projects, it may be possible to achieve acceptable results without focusing on extensive QA. However, in order to perform consistently on large scale projects, it is absolutely necessary to introduce quality checks at every stage of the product life cycle—from the very beginning.

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How We Built Fully Accessible Websites For A Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Through online surveys, the customer’s team had identified that ~35 percent of site visitors were finding it difficult to access the site due to motor skills and visual impairments. With the aim to provide a uniform website browsing experience to all types of site visitors, Axelerant’s QA team conducted various kinds of accessibility tests using a combination of human tested and automated checks, improving the overall customer experience.

Axelerant is a group of dedicated, smart professionals. They are highly knowledgeable, technically strong, dedicated team members that take up and own tasks.
Shashank Pabrai

Shashank Pabrai

Former Regional Director, Acquia

Build & Extend Your Quality Assurance Practice

At Axelerant, we divide our consultative QA services into three categories: Processes, People, and Tech/Tools. Whether you are looking for a complete solution or just want to focus on a particular aspect, our team of experts is here to collaborate closely with you. We can support you in delivering quality products by helping to establish the best practices in all three categories.


Process Consulting

Process Consulting

We understand the nature of the engagement and help you develop customized QA strategies. These revolve around introducing quality into every level of product development through validated processes. Factors to consider here include stakeholders, technology, development methodology, and business domain. 

Tools & Technology Consulting

Tools & Technology Consulting

We help you identify the right set of tools to use through an engagement in order to deliver a quality project as well as ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery. Axelerant specializes in Open Source tools to respect your budgeting requirements.

People Consulting

People Consulting

At Axelerant, we’ve invested deeply in our people right from the start. We can help you build a ramped-up QA team with the right combination of leadership, communication, analytical and collaborative skills to help you deliver a high-quality product.     

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“Axelerant is committed to getting the job done. With strong technical skills, they're fearless when venturing into new areas.”
Mark Castrovinci
Mark Castrovinci
Chief Executive Officer
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