Axelerant Empowers Mautic & Acquia’s Campaign Studio

Axelerant Augments Mautic & Acquia’s Campaign Studio

Acquia had chosen to migrate from a proprietary marketing automation tool, Marketo, to an open-source marketing automation platform, Mautic. This project aimed to create business-critical plugins for extending the Mautic application.

Mautic Manage Third Party Authentications In Plugins.png

Managing Third-Party Authentications In Mautic Plugins

Learn about standard Authentication-Protocol methods supported in Mautic via the Integration bundle.


Luxury Resort Websites Powered by Multilingual, Decoupled Drupal 8

Using decoupled Drupal, we helped a luxury resort brand unify its CMS. The new platform would help simplify content management, give users modern content experiences, and allow the customer to market themselves more intelligently.


How We Helped Accelerate Site Creation for a Fortune 200 Life Sciences Company

Harnessing the power of Drupal and Acquia's products, we engineered a tool that rapidly launches new websites with consistent brand experience and personalized user journeys for a big pharma company.

QA Accessibility Testing

How We Built Accessible Websites For A Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Axelerant’s QA team conducted various accessibility tests using a combination of human tested and automated checks, improving the overall user experience.


How We Built Scalable Multisites For A Leading Research University

We helped a prominent US-based research institution migrate their websites built in pure PHP to a scalable multisite solution we developed using Acquia products.

 Mautic: Develop Your Custom Marketing Integration Plugin

Mautic: Develop Your Custom Marketing Integration Plugin

This blog series will kick start integrating other marketing tools with Mautic. In this first post, we uncover the use of IntegrationBundle to extend the Mautic.


Explained: Local Mautic Development using Lando

A quick walkthrough of using Lando to set up a development environment for Mautic due to its flexibility and several other benefits.


Consolidating DX Across 90+ Brands For Retail Megalith

We helped an enterprise-level retail megalith consolidate and empower its brand sites with content and e-commerce capabilities.


Your Site Personalized Like Netflix: Drupal & Acquia Lift

Understand different personalization use cases and the kinds of personalization that can be done with Drupal and Acquia Lift.


Drupal 8: Service Decorators

A deep dive into the kind of issues Service Decorators—a feature provided by Symfony—can solve, and how to implement them.

BLT for Development for Hosting

Get the best of both worlds: BLT for development and a better development workflow with