Decouple, Containerize And Orchestrate Mautic On k8s

Here's an article explaining in-depth the right approach and the right set of tools to decoupling, containerizing, and orchestrating Mautic on k8s.

Exploring Managed Kubernetes Services In The Ecosystem

Exploring Managed Kubernetes Services In The Ecosystem

Here's Axelerant’s first-hand experience in using the top four Kubernetes service providers in the market - Azure, RedHat, Amazon EKS and DigitalOcean.

Managing Docker containers using Ansible

Managing Docker containers using Ansible

Here's why you need to automate Docker containers with Ansible and a peek into the process to run the Ansible Playbook.


Axelerant Announces A Strategic Partnership With CNCF

Our latest endeavor with CNCF as silver members to participate in wide-reaching networking and opportunities.

A Beginner’s Guide to Docker and Kubernetes

A Beginner’s Guide to Docker and Kubernetes

An introduction and complete guide to the two fundamental tools of DevOps: Docker and Kubernetes

How to become a Certified Kubernetes Administrator

How To Become A Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Linux Foundation's Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) is one of the most sought after certifications. Take the right approach to prepare for it.


Error Fix For Docker Traefik-helper Repo

If you’re using Traefik-helper github repo, you’ll find this helpful for for maintaining coding best practices.


Restore A SQL Server Backup Using Azure Data Studio Tool On MacOS

Devops engineers, system administrators and developers using MacOS—here’s how you can manage a SQL Server database.


NGINX Config Decoded

Here's how to understand how NGINX serves requests for larger sites, as the complexity of NGINX configuration grows.