Quality-First Solutions For An American Office Supplies Retailer

We took a quality-first approach to building a supplier-facing portal for a classic American retail company known worldwide.

A Guide To Automated Testing With Drupal And Applitools

A Guide To Automated Testing With Drupal And Applitools

We used Cypress to automate the browser and Applitools for AI-based visual validation. Find out how Applitools makes it easier and offer ready to use Drupal extensions/plugins.

Test scenarios for search functionality in Drupal

Test Scenarios For Search Functionality In Drupal

Some test scenarios for search functionality, especially from a drupal point of view, consists of ways to help the user perform the search more efficiently and effectively.

How To Get Started With Cypress Part 1

How To Get Started With Cypress: Part 1

In this first part of the series, we look at the basic concepts of Cypress, from prerequisites and installations to headless execution.

Consultative QA

Streamlining Testing Efforts in Partnership with WildStyle Network

We helped Wildstyle Network define an effective QA process and the appropriate testing tools across all projects, helping them raise the overall quality of deliverables.

creating a culture of learning through QA hackathons banner

Creating A Culture Of Learning Through QA Hackathons

Taking a step towards creating a culture of learning with Quality Assurance Hackathons at Axelerant

 QA-Test-Automation-LP QA-Test-Automation

How Early Design of Automated Testing Helped While Upgrading OpenScholar’s Platform

Axelerant collaborated with OpenScholar’s team to help deliver releases at a quicker pace by implementing test automation in a systematic way across the entire testing pyramid.

Set up E2E testing of Drupal website via Cypress

Use Case: Set Up E2E Testing Of Drupal Website Via Cypress

Explore an automated testing solution that works better with headless Drupal applications or decoupled Drupal and get some real experience of using Cypress in actual Drupal applications.


Optimize Your Migration Testing Strategy For Drupal Applications

Our QA team came up with a strategy to test applications that were being migrated to the Drupal platform. Access the pre and post-migration checklist.

QA-API Testing

How We Developed And Tested The Donation Platform For Scouts

Axelerant worked alongside the Scouts team to develop the donation platform and related APIs to support better fundraising for their projects.


How We Built Scalable Multisites For A Leading Research University

We helped a prominent US-based research institution migrate their websites built in pure PHP to a scalable multisite solution we developed using Acquia products.

QA Accessibility Testing

How We Built Accessible Websites For A Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Axelerant’s QA team conducted various accessibility tests using a combination of human tested and automated checks, improving the overall user experience.