A Guide To Automated Testing With Drupal And Applitools

A Guide To Automated Testing With Drupal And Applitools

We used Cypress to automate the browser and Applitools for AI-based visual validation. Find out how Applitools makes it easier and offer ready to use Drupal extensions/plugins.

Set up E2E testing of Drupal website via Cypress

Use Case: Set Up E2E Testing Of Drupal Website Via Cypress

Explore an automated testing solution that works better with headless Drupal applications or decoupled Drupal and get some real experience of using Cypress in actual Drupal applications.

Enabling Bex Screenshot Extension In Behat

Enabling Bex Screenshot extension In Behat

In a CI/CD setup enabling screenshot extensions for failed scenarios prove to be extremely useful. How we can use and enable the screenshot extensions in Behat


Automate Tests For Multiple Drupal Sites Using A Single Script

Want to implement BDD using Behat in your Drupal projects? Here’s a method that can be helpful if you’re working in a multi-site setup.


Automated Testing With Behat: Part 2

The Mink library allows users to automate user interaction with the browser. Here's how to install Mink with Behat.

Automated Testing With Behat: Axelerant

Automated Testing With Behat: Part 1

Behat is a PHP testing framework used to automate acceptance tests and identify regression bugs close to their point of introduction. Here’s how to start.

Drupal 8: Writing Your First Unit Test With PHPUnit

Drupal 8: Writing Your First Unit Test With PHPUnit

PHPUnit aids module development, allowing developers to write code using the TDD approach. If you are a beginner to PHPUnit, this is how to get started.


Setup for Selenium with Cucumber Using Maven

Learn how to set up Selenium with Cucumber using Maven, as well as how to write feature files using Gherkin, execution, and generating HTML reports.


Page Object Extension in Behat

Go from novice to expert at automation QA with this detailed, step-by-step look at how to implement Page Object Extension in Behat.

Break Lock for content Visual Regression Testing Using Wraith

Visual Regression Testing Using Wraith

It's vital to catch UI level bugs or CSS breaks fast. Wraith is a tool for Frontend developers, testers, and QA personnel that spots UI breaks in no time.


What Makes Agile QA Testing Different?

Want the short or long answer? We've got both. Agile QA testing goes beyond our Drupal QA services. We're talking about Software QA as a whole here.