Building A Standup Bot Using GraphQL and Drupal: Our September Update

We wrote a few months ago about how and why we’re building an asynchronous standup bot for Slack. Here’s where we are now.


Using Decoupled Drupal To Build Our Standup Bot

Standup bots are very useful, but come with their own limitations. That’s why we’re building our own using decoupled Drupal and GraphQL.


Build Infrastructure For Multisite Decoupled Drupal With Terraform

Here’s how we built a multisite decoupled solution during a recent project for a large hospitality company.


How Axelerant became an ISO certified organization

This is what our journey towards becoming an ISO certified organization looked like. Here’s how we did it and what we’ve gained.

Our Going Remote Story: How Axelerant Made It Happen

Our Going Remote Story: How We Made It Happen

Building empowered, connected, and successful distributed teams takes commitment. This is how we began working remotely at Axelerant.

Global Talent Sourcing For Partners: Axelerant Grows

Global Talent Sourcing For Partners: Axelerant Grows

The Axelerant team is expanding, bringing time-tested delivery, hiring, and customer success processes to more agency partners around the world.

Why Axelerant Success Teams Work For Agency Partners feature image

Why Axelerant Success Teams Work For Agency Partners

Our mission is to fuel success for our agency partners. When it comes to our Success Teams, what's the Axelerant difference?

Axelerant's Staff Members Are Stakeholders

Our Staff Members Are Stakeholders

Customer success and team member success are tied tightly together. Here's how we’re making this dual success possible, specifically when it comes to staffing.


How Axelerant Aligns Itself Using V2MOM

Forging an agency identity and sticking to it is grueling. It’s something that every agency struggles with from time to time.


Self-Organization Within Digital Agency Teams

If you have an eye for it, you can spot effective self-organization at work. If you know how, you can apply it to your teams for increased productivity.


15 Distributed Team Building Tips & Takeaways

While working with a distributed team, meeting your telecommuting colleagues may seem strange. All you need are some of these distributed team building tips.