Decoupled Drupal with Next.js using Next-Drupal

An overview of how we achieved a quick integration of Next.js with Drupal, by using the Drupal-Next module in conjunction with Next-Drupal npm package.

Axelerant Augments Mautic & Acquia’s Campaign Studio

Acquia had chosen to migrate from a proprietary marketing automation tool, Marketo, to an open-source marketing automation platform, Mautic. This project aimed to create business-critical plugins for extending the Mautic application.

How We Built a Blazingly Fast & Secure Knowledge Management System Using JAMstack

To address knowledge management challenges at Axelerant, we built a system that classifies and aggregates data from Slack, while remaining scalable as the amount of data and the number of users grows.

How We Improved Resource Utilization and Optimized Costs for Red Hat

This is how we supported Red Hat in optimizing resource utilization and optimizing costs, based on the metrics we received from monitoring and health check tools.

Streamlining Testing Efforts in Partnership with WildStyle Network

We helped Wildstyle Network define an effective QA process and the appropriate testing tools across all projects, helping them raise the overall quality of deliverables.

How We Built A Powerful Tool To Facilitate Our Team’s Retrospectives

Putting recent technologies to productive use, we created a tool for team retrospectives that can help teams visualize data better, and limit its access to relevant members.