Quality-First Solutions For An American Office Supplies Retailer

We took a quality-first approach to building a supplier-facing portal for a classic American retail company known worldwide.

Rapid Application Development With Drupal For An Office Supplies Company

We used Drupal 8 to build a web-based management tool for a popular U.S. office supplies retailer, helping them lower costs, minimize the need for customization, and go to market faster.

Making a Multinational Supermarket’s eCommerce Platform Accessible

Through extensive user testing and following best practices, Axelerant helped make the customer’s AngularJS-based web store compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guidelines.

Consolidating DX Across 90+ Brands For Retail Megalith

We helped an enterprise-level retail megalith consolidate and empower its brand sites with content and e-commerce capabilities.