People Report 06/19: Performance Management & Hiring Process

As our team grows, we are putting better performance management systems in place, standardizing hiring processes and providing them with the right training.


People Report 05/19: We’re Scaling Up & Reorganizing Our Teams

This past month we have been changing how our Reporting Manager roles are structured and establishing SLAs for our service desk.


Axelerant People Report: April 2019

What’s been on our minds the past month? Tool changes to help us process payroll and taxation smoothly, our annual appraisals, and speeding up recruitment.


Axelerant People Report: March 2019

What’s been on our minds this past month? Choosing our OKRs for the quarter, re-establishing focus on work-life balance for our team, and more.


Axelerant People Report: February 2019

Our biggest event of the year—the Axelerant Retreat. Here’s what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve learned through our experiences this month.


Axelerant People Report: January 2019

What’s been on our minds this past month? Sustainable growth, recruiting, team engagement, and enthusiastic plans for our upcoming annual retreat in Goa, India!


Axelerant People Report: November & December 2018

Our People Report from the months of November and December, with 12 notes of thanks to our team.


Axelerant People Report: October 2018

We're firing up a monthly People Report. Here's ours from October 2018.