How We Helped Accelerate Site Creation for a Fortune 200 Life Sciences Company

Harnessing the power of Drupal and Acquia's products, we engineered a tool that rapidly launches new websites with consistent brand experience and personalized user journeys for a big pharma company.

Making a Multinational Supermarket’s eCommerce Platform Accessible

Through extensive user testing and following best practices, Axelerant helped make the customer’s AngularJS-based web store compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guidelines.

How We Improved Resource Utilization and Optimized Costs for Red Hat

This is how we supported Red Hat in optimizing resource utilization and optimizing costs, based on the metrics we received from monitoring and health check tools.

Streamlining Testing Efforts in Partnership with WildStyle Network

We helped Wildstyle Network define an effective QA process and the appropriate testing tools across all projects, helping them raise the overall quality of deliverables.

How We Migrated Millions Of Content Items To Drupal For Lonely Planet

Axelerant team members helped familiarize Lonely Planet’s team with Drupal 8 migration best practices and streamline the migration process.

How Early Design of Automated Testing Helped While Upgrading OpenScholar’s Platform

Axelerant collaborated with OpenScholar’s team to help deliver releases at a quicker pace by implementing test automation in a systematic way across the entire testing pyramid.

How To Test Complex Requirements Using Decision Tables

A decision table provides a complete and accurate statement of decision logic. Learn how it helps the tester to cover all valid input combinations.