Axelerant Augments Mautic & Acquia’s Campaign Studio

Acquia had chosen to migrate from a proprietary marketing automation tool, Marketo, to an open-source marketing automation platform, Mautic. This project aimed to create business-critical plugins for extending the Mautic application.

Axelerant IPL Prediction Pro - A Prediction Game

What is Axelerant IPL Prediction Pro? Learn about how we created a fun prediction game using low-code & no-code technologies at Axelerant.

How We Built a Blazingly Fast & Secure Knowledge Management System Using JAMstack

To address knowledge management challenges at Axelerant, we built a system that classifies and aggregates data from Slack, while remaining scalable as the amount of data and the number of users grows.

How We Built a Highly Performant News Aggregator for Internet Users in Kashmir

In areas like Kashmir with slow internet, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date. To address this, we built a news aggregator which is fast to load, works offline, and notifies users about the latest updates.

How We Built A Powerful Tool To Facilitate Our Team’s Retrospectives

Putting recent technologies to productive use, we created a tool for team retrospectives that can help teams visualize data better, and limit its access to relevant members.