How Axelerant became an ISO certified organization

This is what our journey towards becoming an ISO certified organization looked like. Here’s how we did it and what we’ve gained.


Axelerant's OKR Journey

Implementing OKR's (Objectives and Key Results) is a technique at work here at Axelerant. This is the start of our OKR journey.


Mobile Application Testing: 5 Ways to Fail

Successful mobile application testing looks like your app about to be downloaded again. If that’s what success looks like, what about failure?


What Makes Agile QA Testing Different?

Want the short or long answer? We've got both. Agile QA testing goes beyond our Drupal QA services. We're talking about Software QA as a whole here.

Axelerant's VP Sales - Piyush Poddar - presenting a session on State of Drupal

Axelerant Drupal Contribution Committee

Axelerant Drupal Contribution Committee