Commonly Missed Security Settings For Nginx Web Server

In the second part of this blog series, we discuss Nginx web server-specific security settings that you can run your web applications securely.

 Is Your Site Secure From XSS Attack

Cross-Site Scripting Best Practices To Secure Site From XSS Attack

Taking an active part in the development and advancements of the best practices, we will elaborate you the best practices to XSS in this blog.

Security Compliance At Axelerant: Policies, Standards & More

Security Compliance At Axelerant: Policies & Standards

Is Axelerant “secure?” Here are our security practices that are beyond code with a detailed explanation of our best practices.


Commonly Missed Security Settings For Apache Web Server

With websites being more prone to cyber-attacks, web servers can aid any website to end-user. In the first part, we discuss Apache specific security settings.


How to Test with HTTPS (SSL) Enabled On A Local Machine For Multiple Sites

We walk you through enabling SSL on your local server for testing website servers over SSL or HTTPS, so you can replicate your live site on your local machine.


Use Drupal To Keep Your Website Secure

Drupal is a robust, highly secure and very scalable content management framework that can be used to build any type of website.