Why Choose Drupal as Your Education Content Management System in 2021

Why Choose Drupal as Your Education Content Management System in 2021 (And How Axelerant Can Help)

The share of WordPress as an education content management system is large; yet, most premium institutes prefer Drupal as higher ed CMS. Why? Read to know more.


Post-Launch Website Support: Do I Change Vendors?

After going live with your new website, you need post-launch website support. But should you stick with the vendor that took your site live?


Finding My Website Support Company: Does Size Matter?

When it comes to finding the right website support company for your business, does size really matter? Let's find out.


Hire Freelance Developers, but not for Support

Let's share some words on why site owners might not want to hire freelance developers for support. (Nothing personal, freelancers. It's strictly business.)

How To Integrate Teams With Academic IT Departments

How to Integrate Teams with Academic IT Departments

Academic IT departments are unique. Only adaptable Open Source developers and project managers familiar with higher education tech teams should integrate.


10 Reasons to Hire Software Testers & QA Engineers Differently

QA Tester Staff Augmentation may be the best way to hire Software Testers, QA Engineers, or QA Developers. Here are 10 reasons competitors are doing it.


12 Higher Education Website Features Marketers Need

Higher education website features need to impress, inform, and be an asset to your student body and faculty. And higher ed marketers can't be left out.


College Websites 101: Attracting International Students

Attracting international students in the higher education space is a competitive game. College websites need to be a lot of things to win it.


Open Source in Higher Education: Top 10 Universities

Open Source in higher education is huge and for big reasons top colleges and universities are signaling: Open Source Software (OSS) is better for higher ed.


Top 2016 Content Management System (CMS) Trends

The 2016 Content Management System will give the people what they want. Here's what they're asking for. Here's what the ideal CMS has to offer.


Join Open Camps Photography Team 2016

Photographers are wanted to join the Open Camps Photography Team to capture 25+ events at the world's largest mission-driven open source conference.


Mobile Application Testing: 5 Ways to Fail

Successful mobile application testing looks like your app about to be downloaded again. If that’s what success looks like, what about failure?