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A QA Engineer's Perspective to Accessibility Testing

Here's why it's important to test all applications for accessibility, as well as the guiding principles and QA checklists to get you started.

Automated Testing With Behat: Part 2

The Mink library allows users to automate user interaction with the browser. Here's how to install Mink with Behat.

Automated Testing With Behat: Part 1

Behat is a PHP testing framework that can be used to automate acceptance tests and identify regression bugs close to their point of introduction. Here's how to get started with automated testing using Behat.

Setup for Selenium with Cucumber Using Maven

Learn how to set up Selenium with Cucumber using Maven, as well as how to write feature files using Gherkin, execution, and generating HTML reports.

Agile Testing Challenges & How to Overcome Them

To work in an Agile project, QA should have a good understanding of Agile methodology and processes. Here are some best practices.

Mobile Automation: Why We Chose Appium

We evaluated several tools for mobile automation. Here's why we chose Appium, and a look at its pros and cons.