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We Have Helped

Success Stories


A Critical Website Transformation For Doctors Without Borders

The Doctors Without Borders website received over $40 million in donations in the year 2022 through this platform to help Ukraine. Mobile-optimized UX and information architecture, modular content blocks, and improved cross-navigation boosted visits and donations exponentially.

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We were thinking about the user journey, how can we shift this around to meet our donors where they are, and how it's best for them to give. Axelerant was really helpful in partnering with us…Axelerant was there to make it all come to life.

Rachel Sevcik Project Manager, Blue State


Transforming Digital Experience And Content Publishing For OHCHR.org

To create a more consistent brand and navigation experience, digital leaders at OHCHR determined it was time to consolidate the platform. Also, OHCHR.org was hosted on SharePoint, which called for a decentralized CMS with defined user roles.

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I think there's a great, clear level of rigor and detail that we don't often see…and there’s precision in how Axelerant communicates.

Sam Zimmerman SVP Platform Partnerships, Blue State


Engineering An Intuitive, Accessible, Secure, And Personalized DXP For UEL

UEL’s old website existed on Sitecore, and the platform needed better capabilities when it came to system performance, flexibility, and security. We enabled UEL to move to Drupal for an intuitive, accessible, and secure digital experience platform that also offers personalized experiences for its users.

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With five weeks of discovery and more than 2 years of continuous development, we were able to help UEL move to the top 20 in Silktide rating (site quality and accessibility rating).

How We Help You Migrate

Our Drupal Migration process is meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless transition for you. We help rebuild your platform and migrate from the legacy Drupal version to the latest Drupal 10.

0 Evaluate Current Website

We evaluate the current website by focusing on its structure, content types, contributed modules, and custom theme.

0 Reviewing Drupal 10 Compatibility

We check the Drupal 10 compatibility of used modules and themes. The primary goal is to ensure all contributed modules and themes have a stable Drupal 10 version. In case of a lack of a stable Drupal 10 version, we plan for a custom build.

0 Prepare & Plan For Migration

Clean up site data, including removing unnecessary content and files, optimizing the database, and addressing data inconsistencies. A site audit is also performed to identify outdated or unused content, modules, and themes that can be updated or removed.

0 Setting Up Drupal 10

Identify different content types, fields, and taxonomies in the D7 website and set up a content modeling and information architecture in Drupal 10.

0 Implement Custom Functionality

Rewrite or adapt custom D7 modules to Drupal 10, following the updated API and best practices.

0 Migrate Content And Data

Execute the migration scripts developed using core Drupal migration APIs and tools like Acquia’s Migrate Accelerate to migrate the users, content, taxonomy terms, and other relevant data from D7 to D10.

0 Test & Launch

Test extensively to verify that the data is successfully migrated to Drupal 10 utilizing Axlerant’s automated content migration testing framework.

Our Impact

30-50% Cost Reduction

10000+ Migration Hours

88.4% Net Promoter Score

10+ Years of Experience

100+ Successful Migrations

115+ Drupal-Ready Engineers

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