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Drupal Cache: A Case Study

Drupal Cache: A Case Study

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It was a pleasant January afternoon in Goa. The entire company staff were down here for our annual retreat, enjoying the scenic beauty of the sandy beaches of Baga and…

Secure Drupal Website - Use Drupal to make your website secure

Use Drupal To Keep Your Website Secure

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Website security is a serious concern in this day and age. A good web presence, if implemented well and updated frequently, is an asset to any organisation. It becomes the…

Checklist for Drupal Site Testing

Drupal site testing – Key areas

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A beautiful line came into my mind while I was writing this article “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative/quality effort.” We all expect the…

Scaling Open Source Services Using Modular Organizational Structure

Scaling Open Source Services Using Modular Organizational Structures – Part 1

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I would like to initiate this blog by introducing the term “modularity”, a well known term in technological systems. We already know that any modular technological system can be broken…