Axelerant Augments Mautic & Acquia’s Campaign Studio

Acquia had chosen to migrate from a proprietary marketing automation tool, Marketo, to an open-source marketing automation platform, Mautic. This project aimed to create business-critical plugins for extending the Mautic application.

Quality-First Solutions For An American Office Supplies Retailer

We took a quality-first approach to building a supplier-facing portal for a classic American retail company known worldwide.

Rapid Application Development With Drupal For An Office Supplies Company

We used Drupal 8 to build a web-based management tool for a popular U.S. office supplies retailer, helping them lower costs, minimize the need for customization, and go to market faster.

Luxury Resort Websites Powered by Multilingual, Decoupled Drupal 8

Using decoupled Drupal, we helped a luxury resort brand unify its CMS. The new platform would help simplify content management, give users modern content experiences, and allow the customer to market themselves more intelligently.

How We Helped Accelerate Site Creation for a Fortune 200 Life Sciences Company

Harnessing the power of Drupal and Acquia's products, we engineered a tool that rapidly launches new websites with consistent brand experience and personalized user journeys for a big pharma company.

How We Built a Blazingly Fast & Secure Knowledge Management System Using JAMstack

To address knowledge management challenges at Axelerant, we built a system that classifies and aggregates data from Slack, while remaining scalable as the amount of data and the number of users grows.

Making a Multinational Supermarket’s eCommerce Platform Accessible

Through extensive user testing and following best practices, Axelerant helped make the customer’s AngularJS-based web store compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guidelines.

How We Improved Resource Utilization and Optimized Costs for Red Hat

This is how we supported Red Hat in optimizing resource utilization and optimizing costs, based on the metrics we received from monitoring and health check tools.

Migrating an On-premise Application to AWS for a Debt Collection Solution Provider

Axelerant helped this digital consumer credit lending company migrate their on-premise application and data to AWS, enabling them to leverage the benefits of cloud computing.

Streamlining Testing Efforts in Partnership with WildStyle Network

We helped Wildstyle Network define an effective QA process and the appropriate testing tools across all projects, helping them raise the overall quality of deliverables.

How We Migrated Millions Of Content Items To Drupal For Lonely Planet

Axelerant team members helped familiarize Lonely Planet’s team with Drupal 8 migration best practices and streamline the migration process.

How We Used AI/ML To Ease Debt Risk Management For An Acclaimed Cancer Center

We used AI/ML techniques to help a prominent US-based cancer center quickly identify patients with high debt risk, enabling them to intervene early and offer payment plans that could help minimize bad debt.

How Early Design of Automated Testing Helped While Upgrading OpenScholar’s Platform

Axelerant collaborated with OpenScholar’s team to help deliver releases at a quicker pace by implementing test automation in a systematic way across the entire testing pyramid.

How We Built a Highly Performant News Aggregator for Internet Users in Kashmir

In areas like Kashmir with slow internet, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date. To address this, we built a news aggregator which is fast to load, works offline, and notifies users about the latest updates.

Migrating From Managed to Unmanaged Salesforce Packages for a Fintech Solution Provider

As part of a recent acquisition, the customer had acquired managed Salesforce packages. We helped migrate these to unmanaged packages, so that these could be distributed as application templates.

How We Developed And Tested The Donation Platform For Scouts

Axelerant worked alongside the Scouts team to develop the donation platform and related APIs to support better fundraising for their projects.

How We Built A Powerful Tool To Facilitate Our Team’s Retrospectives

Putting recent technologies to productive use, we created a tool for team retrospectives that can help teams visualize data better, and limit its access to relevant members.

How We Built Scalable Multisites For A Leading Research University

We helped a prominent US-based research institution migrate their websites built in pure PHP to a scalable multisite solution we developed using Acquia products.

How We Built Accessible Websites For A Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Axelerant’s QA team conducted various accessibility tests using a combination of human tested and automated checks, improving the overall user experience.

Consolidating DX Across 90+ Brands For Retail Megalith

We helped an enterprise-level retail megalith consolidate and empower its brand sites with content and e-commerce capabilities.

Serverless, Decoupled Drupal With A Hybrid Cloud Approch For Global Resort Developer

We implemented Serverless and decoupled Drupal to consolidate web properties of a luxury resort and serve multilingual content to a worldwide audience.

Acquia Partner Series: Acquia Site Factory

We're Acquia Site Factory implementors like no other. Discover why.

Acquia Partner Series: Acquia DAM

We're accelerating DAM for every end-user. Here's how.

Acquia Partner Series: Acquia Cloud

Axelerant has been using Acquia Cloud with agency affiliates for enterprise clients for 5+ years.

Fortune 500 Financial Services & Decoupled Drupal

Our extensive expertise in RESTful Drupal’s strengths, leveraged for Market Intelligence replatforming.

Supporting The World's Leading Provider Of Open Source Solutions

Red Hat faced internal staffing bandwidth and talent sourcing challenges, so they turned to us.

How We Fuel Growth For Facet Interactive

How we fuel agency growth for Facet Interactive by extending capabilities while driving overhead costs down.

SUNY Maritime College Drupal Migration

How we successfully migrated SUNY Maritime, a distinguished institute of higher education and America's first nautical university, to Drupal.

Drupal Commerce for the Rich and Famous

We rebuilt Mayfair House’s Drupal eCommerce site from the ground up with a foundation for extensibility and growth.

Sharing Stories on Decoupled Drupal

We launched, the global leader in memorial content, on a purpose-built platform with superior authoring workflow and editorial layout control.

Bringing Responsiveness to Georgia's Premier Medical Group

How we delivered a responsive design, customized client engagement, and other Drupal solutions for Georgia's premier medical group.

Support For The Worldwide Scout Movement

How we honorably provide Drupal support and maintenance to enhance and sustain the worldwide Scout movement's key online platform.

Continuous Support for The Synduit’s Network Marketing Platform

We launched and continuously support Synduit’s robust network marketing platform.