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We’ve partnered with dozens of household names and Fortune 500 organizations on their multisite projects using Site Factory. These collaborations involve multiple stakeholders, distributed teams, and highly technical requirements.

We’ve helped a global pharma company create personalized experiences for customers.

A leading multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company with a global presence wanted to create personalized experiences for customers. This could be achieved by enabling them to create multilingual regional sites with minimal effort and cost.

Using Acquia Cloud Site Factory, Axelerant helped them leverage their existing code base to create new sites. This prevented the duplication of effort and reduced each site’s time to market. Maintenance effort after going live was also drastically reduced through code base centralization.

In turn, the marketing department is able to create a uniform brand experience across sites without much effort to ensure consistency. Regulations, such as GDPR, are easily implemented across sites, negating compliance risks.

We enabled a media organization to build websites for new radio stations in minutes.

We’ve used Acquia products in our work with a number of digital agencies—including a European agency with over 400 employees, spread across several countries. One of their clients was a media organization focused on radio broadcasting that needed a tool that would help them launch new radio station websites on the fly.

Leveraging the capabilities of Acquia Cloud Site Factory, Axelerant implemented a solution that uses the same code base to create a new site within minutes. ACSF also offers them an interface that allows easy management of multisite environments and provides supporting applications such as Apache Solr, Varnish, etc, and their site monitoring tools.

Over the course of the implementation, the team faced several challenges related to Cloud Site Factory setup. The team addressed these challenges by implementing custom modules dedicated to specific use cases. It was essential to design the site architecture in such a way that it would meet expectations as per Acquia Cloud.

We minimized cost and risk for a multi-brand conglomerate entering new geographies.

For large, multibrand, enterprise conglomerates, the cost of any website downtime is extremely high, running into thousands of dollars per minute. Acquia products, backed by experienced implementation services, ensure that these losses are minimized.

A multinational retail franchise operator of 90 established, global brands needed to quickly launch their products in new locations, while maintaining brand consistency. Acquia Cloud Site Factory allows them to do this. Using ACSF, Axelerant has helped this organization leverage a single code base to rapidly create sites for individual markets before handing them over to local teams.

Additionally, customization was needed to address the needs of individual markets, like the addition of new functionality—for example, a new payment gateway, as orders in a particular country may go through a certain shipment process. This demands a capable implementation partner, as workflows are quite different across websites and regional markets, making it important to thoroughly test all functionality across business requirements. Despite having thousands of sites, as everything is managed centrally, any duplication of effort is eliminated.

Our relationship with Acquia is strong.

Axelerant has a five-plus year history of working with Acquia—on leading projects, working alongside Acquia customers, and improving Acquia products. Our solutions for agencies, domain expertise, global delivery model, and extensive work with Acquia places us in a unique position to leverage their products towards servicing partners. We extensively use Build and Launch Tool (BLT) with an effectiveness that accelerates, but beyond tools and skillsets our values and our work culture fosters symbiotic loyalty and growth. And fluency in Site Factory is no exception.