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Performance Coaching at Axelerant

New Remote Work Benefit: Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching brings accountability and advanced coaching techniques to optimize a person's body, mind, and soul to reach their most significant potential.

Team Axelerant At DrupalCamp Atlanta 2021

Team Axelerant At DrupalCamp Atlanta 2021

We're all pumped up for DrupalCamp Atlanta 2021! Here’s what our team members will be doing at the event.

Being New At Axelerant

Being New At Axelerant

Here’s what to expect from your Axelerant onboarding experience. The good, the bad—I’ve included it all.

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Decoupled Drupal with Next.js using Next-Drupal

An overview of how we achieved a quick integration of Next.js with Drupal, by using the Drupal-Next module in conjunction with Next-Drupal npm package.


Decouple, Containerize And Orchestrate Mautic On k8s

Here's an article explaining in-depth the right approach and the right set of tools to decoupling, containerizing, and orchestrating Mautic on k8s.

Mautic Manage Third Party Authentications In Plugins.png

Managing Third-Party Authentications In Mautic Plugins

Learn about standard Authentication-Protocol methods supported in Mautic via the Integration bundle.

Project Management As A Vehicle For Service Delivery

Project Management As A Vehicle For Service Delivery

We have three different engagement models at Axelerant - Managed Staffing, Managed Projects, and Flexible Support. Here’s a brief overview of each one of them.

How to Create Event Subscribers In Drupal 8 Part 2

How to Create Event Subscribers In Drupal 8 - Part 2

In this second part of the article on creating Event subscribers, we are showing an actual working example with the basic steps involved.

Axelerant IPL Prediction Pro

Axelerant IPL Prediction Pro - A Prediction Game

What is Axelerant IPL Prediction Pro? Learn about how we created a fun prediction game using low-code & no-code technologies at Axelerant.

Using Drupal API To Create A Cross-Platform Menu

Using Drupal API To Create A Cross-Platform Menu

In this tutorial, we will use the Flutter framework to render a material design-styled menu across Android, iOS, Web, Windows, and macOS.

The secret sauce for young designers to land their dream job

The Secret Sauce For Young Designers To Land Their Dream Job

Are you interviewing to be a visual designer? Here are some actionable tips for design candidates and the top mistakes that we all might make while applying or getting interviewed.

Next.Js Image Component And Its Powerful Capabilities

An overview: Next.js Image component and its powerful capabilities

Next.js 10 is out! Understand the advantages and use cases of using the next/image component in your upcoming project.