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Axelerant's Collaborations with Acquia

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Engagement Area

  • DXP Development
  • Quality Engineering
  • Experience Design

Technology Stack

  • DXP: Drupal 8, WordPress, Salesforce

No. Of Engagements

  • 8+


Our Relationship

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"Axelerant's team continues to exceed my expectations after over 10 years of partnership. They are a trusted partner that supports me in building my business."

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  • Bill Whitebone

    Principal, Advance Velocity

About Advance Velocity

Advance Velocity supports organizations with deep experience and expertise through tools, processes, and teams. They work with companies from early stage to Fortune 500 in a broad range of industries. 

The Advance Velocity team has deep expertise in customer success, professional services and support having gained knowledge through real-world experience over many decades. This knowledge lies at the heart of their consulting and technology implementation practices.


Our Engagements


Here are the domains our partnership has served, along with focused case studies.

Health & Wellness

Creating a Community-Based WordPress Website for Integrative Wellness

Advance Velocity and Axelerant delivered this WordPress Development project for Nate and Emily Bennett who aspired to teach others how to take control of their health. They needed a medium that allowed people to come together and encourage one another. 

To achieve this objective, we created a community-based WordPress website comprising blogs, forums, podcasts, guest posts, and more. Axelerant delivered a health project with the help of WordPress, PHP, CSS, and jQuery as the tech stack. The website has a blog, a podcast, guest blogs, and forums to keep it as community-centered as possible.

The site offers streamlined content publishing roles and SEO as well as an optimized setup with integrated Google Analytics for performance tracking. 



Quality-First Website Development For One Of USA’s Most Innovative Retail Brands

Advanced Velocity's customer, a national office retailer, needed a portal that would act as a unified hub for suppliers, merchants, and monetization teams. We were required to deliver a portal that would act as a unified hub for its suppliers and internal teams. We were to ensure minimal risk and high performance while we render a user-friendly product through quality engineering at every stage.

We used Drupal's functionality along with Symfony Components to bring this application to life. We bifurcated the project into two phases, both backed by constant quality engineering at every stage: MVP for the External/Supplier Use; and Phase 1 for the Internal Process

The result was a dual-faceted portal that acts as a unified hub for its suppliers, merchants, and monetization teams. It allows the customer to offer programs for suppliers to advertise themselves and boost sales. It also allows them to attend/manage informative events and campaigns.


Higher Education

Optimizing Student Experiences For A Premier North American School of Management

An acclaimed management school of a top-rated international university located in the northeast United States, needed to optimize its website and create an improved course enrollment experience.


This called for an enhanced student journey that would provide personalized content at each touchpoint in a simple, streamlined way.


Together with our trusted operations consulting partner, Advance Velocity, we used multiple Salesforce products along with Google Tag Manager to deliver a high-performing, scalable project.


As a result, the school was able to make more effective course recommendations to students—up to 50%—within just three months of the release.