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A Website to Mobilize Community Awareness around Health and Wellness

About the Customer

When Emily Bennett was diagnosed with Lyme disease, she realized that modern medicine offered her no lasting relief. She also found that there was a lack of general awareness about the disease. This led her to seek root-cause healing for her ailment and beyond.


Intergrativewellness.com is the result of this journey. It was created by Nate and Emily to act as a tool and a resource to help those on their road to wellness.


It aims to create a common ground for a community that can help people with shared goals and concerns.


It was a pleasure working with Axelerant. They took feedback well and worked tirelessly with me to innovate and develop the website I envisioned in my head… I looked forward to our weekly conversations via zoom. Highly recommend the team to anyone who needs help building a website.

Nate Bennett Co-founder, Integrative Wellness, LLC


The Challenge

The Bennetts wanted to create a practical tool and not just another health and wellness website.


They wanted to create a community that discusses Lyme disease and broader health and wellness topics via forums, blogs, podcasts, etc.


The website also required functionality that allowed members to discover other relevant content from across the web.


The Solution

Integrative Wellness required a flexible and easy-to-use hosting platform, which also offered interactive features and support.

The ideal choice was WordPress. Through WordPress-contributed plugins, the Bennetts could manage:


  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Forums
  • Contact Forms


Additionally, we built a custom WordPress plugin to enable Guest Blogging on the site.


The Result

The result was a website that aligned completely with the clients’ vision.

The website needed to be dynamic, and that’s what we delivered together.


The Blog Setup

The website features a blog that is published and managed by Nate and Emily. It offers easy editing and syndication tools. It also lets them publish and manage guest blog posts.


The Forum Setup

Since the idea of the website was to form a community, we set up a forum. It helps the client moderate and manage the message board across a wide variety of health and wellness topics.


The Podcast Setup

The podcast setup allows Nate and Emily to produce podcasts on their website. It also lets them further syndicate with the best podcast platforms across the Internet.


The RSS Feed Setup

To make the website even more informative, we introduced the RSS Feed. It features related content from other sites across the Internet on the customer’s website. 

Project Highlights

  • Aligning with the Client’s Vision

  • Handpicking & Creating Plugins

  • Streamlining Content Moderation

  • Achieving SEO Efficiency

Aligning with the Client’s Vision

The biggest prerequisite was to understand the Bennetts’ vision. The website wasn’t just a blog but a medium that gathers a community around Lyme disease and root-cause healing and wellness.

A WordPress Community Website for Integrative Wellness | Axelerant

Handpicking & Creating Plugins

We picked various plugins for various content elements within the website:


  • WordPress contributed plugins for Podcasts, Forums, and Contact Forms
  • A custom plugin for Guest Blogging
Highlight Image 2 (2)WordPress Custom Plugin Development | Axelerant

Streamlining Content Moderation

After thorough discovery and planning, a clear roadmap was charted to streamline publishing. Since textual content was the core of the website, content moderation and publishing role setup took precedence.

Content Moderation for WordPress | Axelerant

Achieving SEO Efficiency

SEO plugins and Google Analytics were put in place to make the site discoverable and crawlable on search engines. This would ensure that the website delivered what was expected of it. Google Analytics would help measure its performance.

Google Analytics Integration for WordPress | Axelerant

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