Acquia Partner Series: Acquia Cloud


Axelerant has a five-plus year history of working with Acquia—on leading projects, working alongside Acquia customers, and improving Acquia products. Our solutions for agencies, domain expertise, global delivery model, and extensive work with Acquia places us in a unique position to leverage their products towards servicing partners. We extensively use Build and Launch Tool (BLT) with an effectiveness that accelerates, but beyond tools and skillsets our values and our work culture fosters symbiotic loyalty and growth. And it all started with Cloud. 

“Axelerant is a group of dedicated, smart professionals. They are a highly knowledgeable and technically strong, dedicated team members that take up and own tasks.”

 Shashank Pabrai, 2018
Regional Director, Acquia

Acquia Cloud is a Drupal cloud platform that allows Drupal developers to build and host websites and applications in a highly secure, reliable environment. Acquia Cloud provides a pre-configured and optimized server environment to host websites, ensuring that the maximum number of concurrent requests can be fulfilled. It comes equipped with the tools, environments, application services, and hosting needed to minimize developer effort. It provides an effective development workflow as well as a fine-grained environment for debugging.

As it’s tightly coupled with Drupal, Acquia Cloud is highly performant. From the developer standpoint, the workflow is much easier in Acquia Cloud—it provides all multi dev branches, a dev instance, staging instance and production instance. These solutions to common challenges make it very simple, straightforward and effective for developers to deploy code.

Acquia Cloud is built to allow easy management of traditional as well as decoupled websites. It enables faster development via continuous delivery and integration as well as automated testing. With key features available for use out of the box and all infrastructure optimized for use with Drupal, Acquia Cloud is the obvious choice for anyone building a site in Drupal.

How are we making greatness with Cloud?

So many ways and across industries. Especially for universities the world over—we used Acquia Cloud to improve website content management for the first US-based maritime academy, for example. Over the last five years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with several in higher education, like Stanford University, California State, and more.

Cloud for colleges, nonprofits, and big pharma. 

As an example, regarding SUNY Maritime, with their legacy site on older technology, their site management posed some challenges. Content management wasn’t easy via the original .NET admin user interface. The site also wasn’t responsive, and their target audience, students, was a primarily mobile-focused demographic.

Using Drupal and Acquia Cloud and the simplified, fine-grained development workflow these offer, Axelerant moved their entire website architecture upward. This allowed them to benefit from regular Drupal updates provided by Acquia Cloud. This also provided a Solr integration which was really quick and easy to work with.

We have collaborated on government-level projects, too.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with an independent agency offering advice regarding food-related risks cross-continental. The previous version of their website was built in non-Drupal technology. As they were migrating to Drupal, Acquia Cloud was the obvious choice. Axelerant moved the entire Drupal setup and website architecture to Acquia Cloud. The implementation was smooth, as it typically is when working with Acquia Cloud.

We've worked on over 30 engagements like these with Acquia's team.

This product helps to provide good Drupal hosting services, with high availability and excellent uptime. Acquia Cloud also offers high security, a support team, as well as good site monitoring services and tools. As the platform is up-to-date with the latest technology stack, clients don’t have to worry about any outdated versions of PHP or any other non-supported technologies.