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Wildstyle Network



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Test Strategy | QA Process

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Enabling planning and tracking of testing efforts

Our team worked with Wildstyle Network to define an effective QA process and appropriate testing tools for them, helping them raise the overall quality of deliverables. With this process, they’re able to derive useful metrics with minimal effort.



About the customer

Wildstyle Network is an international agency for digital transformation and creative digital marketing. They host all business-critical services and cooperate closely with global technology vendors, providing their clients with hybrid teams on an international scale. 


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Business challenge

Wildstyle Network works on projects which involve collaboration between its clients, partner agencies and its own team.

They were looking for a process that would fit across all projects within Wildstyle Network, with the potential to customize per the need of the project. This process needed to be easily understood and adopted by Wildstyle Network’s employees, clients, and partner agencies.


These were some of the goals for the engagement:

01. Audit the Existing Process

02. Establish Global QA Processes

03. Select Test Management Tools 

04. Customize Test Strategies




Axelerant supported Wildstyle Network’s team in establishing processes in their projects overall, which also included detailed QA process solutions.

Our team members used a consultative approach to help them define the QA process as well as test management solutions. This involved the selection of the tool, how to utilize the tool, and best practices to be adopted within the tool.

Axelerant team members helped Wildstyle Network’s team set up the QA process and configure settings in JIRA and Xray globally. We also provided customized solutions with Xray, the chosen test management tool, like implementing a test suite, identifying regression tests in Xray per project needs, etc.




These were the key outcomes for Wildstyle Network: 

  1. Unified QA Process: This process blended well with the test management tool, allowing the Wildstyle Network's team to better plan, track and measure the effectiveness of testing activities.
  2. Testing Dashboard: This helped the entire team track and understand various metrics like overall requirement coverage, workload distribution within the QA team, test runs history, testing progress at the sprint, epic and story level, etc.
  3. High Transparency on Individual Feature Status: With the proposed design in Xray for the creation of the test suite, the team could seamlessly identify which features were working fine, and which were buggy and to what percentage they were buggy. This percentage helped the team prioritize features for release.
  4. Greater Clarity and Improved Prioritization: Regular demos by the QA team helped team members stay focused on the release amid tight deadlines: Demonstrations of features helped team members better understand and prioritize the issues to be fixed for the release.


"Good work, good quality. Very professional, technically experienced team that thinks one step further than the task demands.”
Ralf Halgasch
Ralf Halgasch
Digital Director



Global QA Process

Once the QA processes were defined globally, these were shared with all team members from the client-side, partner agencies and Wildstyle Network’s own team for them to gain a uniform understanding of QA processes, minimizing confusion. Wildstyle Network's team planned to adopt this process on all their projects.

Selection of Tools

After understanding the client’s requirements, the Axelerant team helped them select the test management tool, also planning to collaborate with them on other testing and automation-related tools to be used.

Customized Test Strategy

After the test management tool was identified, our team came up with the test strategy. This was designed and captured by customizing the global solution proposed for the use of the tool.

Testing Metrics

After defining the strategy for the test management tool, useful and impactful testing metrics could be derived easily using the gadgets and reports it provided. These metrics also gave the team a high degree of transparency with regard to testing areas, enabling them to take necessary action well in time.


These are some of our learnings and insights gained through this engagement: