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Transformational Journey Leveraging Drupal, HubSpot, And Acquia

About the Customer

This family-run business is transforming outdoor living spaces with a blend of British craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation. Since 1976, the client has been redefining outdoor design, combining the beauty of nature with the durability of modern materials.


Committed to sustainability, the organization prioritizes responsible sourcing and eco-friendly practices throughout its manufacturing process. Driven by innovation and a dedication to excellence, the client envisions a world where outdoor living spaces are not just functional but beautiful.

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    Years In Business

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    Recyclable Packaging


I want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you so very much. This has been a big step for us at Bernadette/VCCP, it's been a big step up for the client, but most importantly it's been a real landmark moment for this relationship between Bernadette and Axelerant that I hope lasts for a long time. The CMO today couldn't have spoken more highly about our speed to react to problems today, about the pace in which a site was delivered, and about the quality of the site that was delivered.

Jon Denby Business Director, Bernadette


The Challenge

The client encountered several challenges while enhancing their digital presence and customer experience:


  • Managing Multiple Domains: With operations spanning multiple regions, the client faced the complexity of managing various domains and instances, leading to fragmented digital experiences across different markets.


  • Disparate Product Data: The diverse range of decking and cladding options offered by the organization necessitated the management of disparate product data across regions, resulting in inconsistencies and inefficiencies in content management and product cataloging.


  • Suboptimal User Experience: The existing platform provided a suboptimal user experience, hindering user engagement and conversion rates. Issues such as slow loading times, cumbersome navigation, and lack of personalized content contributed to a less-than-ideal user experience.


  • Inefficient Content Management: Assets, such as images, were hosted on AWS S3FS, leading to challenges in directly linking products with assets via the existing Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. This inefficiency hampered content management and marketing efforts, impacting the overall effectiveness of the digital platform.


  • Regional Customization Requirements: The customer required the ability to customize website features and content based on specific regional requirements, including language preferences, product availability, and regulatory compliance. Achieving this level of regional customization posed a significant technical challenge.


  • Existing Architecture Limitations: The existing architecture, including the Content Management System (CMS) lacked the flexibility and scalability required to support evolving business needs. Transitioning to a more user-friendly and customizable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) was essential for improving user experience and editorial capabilities.


  • Lack of Future-Proofing And Ecommerce Integration: The current digital infrastructure lacked scalability and adaptability for future growth and technological advancements. Additionally, the need for ecommerce integration to expand revenue streams was unmet, as the existing system didn't support seamless online transactions, hindering direct sales and transactional capabilities.

The Solution

To address the challenges, we built a composable DXP solution that helped with:


Future-Proofing And Scalability


  • Implemented Acquia Cloud Platform, built on Drupal 10, providing a robust and scalable foundation for future growth and technological advancements.


  • Leveraged Acquia Edge CDN for enhanced speed and security, ensuring optimal performance and resilience to handle increasing traffic and evolving user demands.


  • Designed architecture with flexibility to accommodate future updates, integrations, and expansions, ensuring the digital platform remains adaptable and future-proof.


Ecommerce Integration


  • Integrated Drupal Commerce into the digital platform, enabling seamless ecommerce capabilities and facilitating online transactions.


  • Customized product management functionalities to support ecommerce requirements, including product cataloging, pricing management, and order processing.


  • Implemented HubSpot integration for marketing automation and lead generation, enhancing the ecommerce experience and driving sales conversions.


Centralized Product Data And Content Management


  • Implemented Acquia Product Information Management (PIM) system to centralize product data and streamline content management processes.


  • Utilized Acquia DAM for efficient digital asset management, enabling direct linking of products with assets and enhancing content management capabilities across marketplaces.


  • Customized workflows and permissions within the DAM and PIM systems, empowering the client's marketing team to efficiently manage and update product information and assets.


Enhanced User Experience


  • Redesigned website interface and navigation to improve user experience and facilitate intuitive browsing and exploration of products.


  • Implemented language detection and regional customization features to personalize user experience based on geographic location and language preferences.


  • Enhanced site performance and responsiveness through optimization techniques and Acquia Edge CDN integration, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience across devices and regions.


Streamlined Regional Customization


  • Configured the platform to support market-specific product management and customization, catering to seven regional requirements, including English, Spanish, German, and French.


  • Implemented geoIP logic and URL redirection rules to route users to region-specific pages, enhancing localization and facilitating targeted marketing strategies.

The Result

The digital transformation resulted in significant improvements across their operations. 


  • Better User Experience And Conversions


The revamped website interface and streamlined navigation enhanced user experience, leading to higher satisfaction and increased conversions.


  • Higher Engagement


Personalized content delivery tailored to users' geographic and language preferences further strengthened engagement.


  • Simplifying Content Processes And Improving Accuracy


The adoption of centralized product data management through Acquia PIM and efficient asset management via Acquia DAM simplified content processes, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy. 


  • Sales And Revenue Growth


Enhanced product discoverability and transactional processes contributed to higher customer acquisition and retention rates. This translated into tangible business outcomes, with seamless integration of Drupal Commerce and HubSpot driving sales and revenue growth.

Project Highlights

  • Ecommerce Integration

  • Centralized Product Management

  • Regional Customization

Ecommerce Integration

Drupal Commerce enabled smooth ecommerce operations, covering tasks like product cataloging, pricing management, and order processing.


Additionally, integrating with HubSpot boosted marketing automation and lead generation, resulting in increased sales and revenue.


Centralized Product Management

Acquia Product Information Management (PIM) centralized product data for efficient content management and updates. Acquia DAM streamlined asset linking and improved content management capabilities.


By integrating both PIM and DAM and customizing workflows, marketing teams could efficiently manage and update product information and assets, boosting productivity and content quality.

Centralized Product Information Management

Regional Customization

Configuration of the platform supported market-specific product management and customization, catering to diverse regional requirements. Implementation of geoIP logic and URL redirection rules facilitated targeted marketing strategies and enhanced localization efforts, ensuring relevant content delivery to users in different regions.

Seamless integration of multilingual capabilities and customization features provided a personalized experience for users across different regions, fostering stronger connections and driving engagement.

Regional Customization

Future Enablement For The Client

The next phase of the digital roadmap focuses on transformative initiatives to elevate user experience and drive growth. Key highlights include the introduction of a decking calculator, seamless ecommerce integration, personalized user experiences, and a customer portal linked with user accounts.

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