Resources and happenings shared

The Drupal Marketplace For Agencies: Talent, Cost & ROI

The number of agency leaders within the Drupal marketplace has become more focused and condensed. Same with the revenue. But you could be one of them.

People Report 06/19: We're Taking Another Look At Performance Management & Our Hiring Process

As our team grows, we’re focusing on putting better performance management systems in place, standardizing our hiring processes, and providing our team members access to the right training.

The Headless Way To CX & Decoupled Days 2019

With more enterprises opting for decoupled solutions, having the capability to deliver decoupled applications is becoming vital for agencies.

Using Decoupled Drupal To Build Our Standup Bot

Standup bots are very useful, but come with their own limitations. That’s why we’re building our own using decoupled Drupal and GraphQL.

Build Infrastructure For Multisite Decoupled Drupal With Terraform

Here’s how we built a multisite decoupled solution during a recent project for a large hospitality company.

People Report 05/19: We’re Scaling Up & Reorganizing Our Teams

What’s been on our minds this past month? Changing how our Reporting Manager roles are structured, rolling out our new payroll system, and establishing SLAs for our service desk.

5 (Awkward) Acquia Engage Questions For Axelerant

The answers to some of the questions you want to ask us about our sponsoring Acquia Engage London, but haven't. It’s like a unFAQ.

Your Partner Experience (PX) Matters Just As Much

Your brand is not purely your organization. An amalgamation of all of your employee effects and partner solutions on your customer gives your brand rise.

Axelerant Academy Program Launch In Srinagar & Jaipur

We're proud to announce Axelerant Academy—a unique training program for graduates with a path to a vibrant career.

Our Submitted Sessions For Decoupled Days 2019

Will you be at Decoupled Days this July? Here’s a roundup of all the sessions we’ve submitted. Hope to see you there!

Axelerant People Report: April 2019

What’s been on our minds this past month? Tool changes to help us process payroll and taxation more smoothly, our annual appraisals, and speeding up recruitment.

Axelerant People Report: March 2019

What’s been on our minds this past month? Choosing our OKRs for the quarter, re-establishing focus on work-life balance for our team, and more.