Axelerant’s Director of Partnerships, Piyush Poddar, interviews the leaders in digital who are transforming platforms for big brands the world over. Listen in to hear the human stories behind their successes and failures, and what it takes to change experiences online for the better.


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Teri Sun: Wild Safari Rides, B2Me, And Creating Augmented Reality Experiences

She joined White Rhino straight out of college and today is the Chief Strategy Officer there. She helped develop an augmented reality application that allows a urologist to place a state-of-the-art medical equipment right in their living room and interact with from their mobiles. A much-needed development now that the pandemic has cancelled the option of casually walking around in a trade show.
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Piyush Poddar
Director of Partnerships at Axelerant


With over 15 years of sales experience in digital services and having hosted exclusive Agency Leaders Dinners for CEOs globally, Piyush has taken his penchant for engaging digital change-makers online with “Humans Behind Digital Experiences (DX),” an Axelerant Podcast. His goal is to host an uncommon conversation that goes deeper than the platforms big organizations run on today, to a level that’s more personal—more human.