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Modern slavery is a grave violation of fundamental human rights and a criminal offense. It encompasses various forms, including slavery, servitude, forced labor, and human trafficking, all of which involve the unlawful deprivation of an individual's freedom for personal or commercial exploitation.


This statement outlines the proactive measures undertaken by Axelerant, along with its subsidiary companies, to prevent and eliminate any potential instances of modern slavery within our organization and supply chains.


Axelerant maintains a zero-tolerance stance towards modern slavery and is resolute in conducting all business activities and relationships with the utmost ethics, transparency, and integrity. We are committed to implementing robust systems and controls to detect and prevent modern slavery within our organization, as well as throughout our supply chains and contracting processes.


To the best of our knowledge, there have been no reported incidents of modern slavery within Axelerant or our partners and vendors.



Who We Are


Axelerant operates as a Digital Experience Design and Development Agency, comprising a community of dedicated individuals driven by purpose. Our innovative approach tackles our clients’ most challenging issues through technology, with the aspiration to transform the IT industry and drive positive societal changes.


Our mission centers on making an extraordinary impact on the world through both our technological excellence and organizational culture.


We are resolutely aligned with the global goal of eradicating modern slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking. Our commitment extends to fostering ethical practices and transparency within our internal operations, and we are equally committed to applying these high standards to our external suppliers.


Our Stance


As part of our comprehensive risk mitigation strategy:


  • Our People and Culture Team collaborates with recruiting managers to manage recruitment activities, utilizing job boards and, when applicable, third-party employment agencies. Thorough background checks, including criminal background, age verification, education verification, etc.
  • We prioritize the establishment of enduring relationships with our suppliers, ensuring that they comprehend our values and our expectations for ethical business conduct.
  • Every Axelerant team member has a dedicated Career Manager, Reporting Manager, and a Performance Coach. Individual improvement plans are created for all, and during regular syncs, coaching sessions, in depth topics like holistic wellness, safety in the workplace and at home, are extensively covered. These means of continuous team member engagement in our global setting helps to identify challenges in the lives of our people.
  • Our organization maintains effective policies that promote the reporting of concerns by both employees and employers.
  • Monthly engagement surveys and anonymous messaging which channels directly to our CEO and our external legal resource enables team members in a remote setting to raise concerns and sensitive questions.



Our Commitment


The ongoing task of recognizing and mitigating the threats of modern slavery and human trafficking within our organization and supply network demands a constant cycle of assessment and refinement in our methods and guidelines. 


We will persist in pinpointing areas for enhancement and devising suitable strategies, implementing these actions to strengthen our scrutiny of existing and potential suppliers. Our goal is to minimize the likelihood of such practices while maintaining our steadfast adherence to the Act.