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Building brand visibility through personalization

With Acquia, Axelerant helped a Fortune 200 life sciences company transform its digital presence globally with Cloud Site Factory and Acquia Lift. They’re now able to create personalized experiences for their customers, which translates into an increase in traffic, repeat visitors and better conversions.


About the Customer

With 420 consolidated companies in 90 countries and core competencies in health care and agriculture, this giant in the life sciences industry is known for its innovative products. Its research and development activities are focused on preventing, alleviating and treating diseases. It is also a supplier of high-quality food, feed and plant-based raw materials.


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Business challenge

The client had multiple sites, which made content syndication and management an exercise in itself. They needed a multi-site solution that would allow them to create multiple multilingual/regional sites with minimal effort and cost. 

Additionally, maintaining a personal relationship with each customer meant ensuring that each customer experience was unique and left a lasting impression. 

This realization triggered our client to conduct qualitative research across countries on how pet owners search for and consume information. The aim of the research was to understand what pet owners were looking for on the web and what kind of content they consumed. 

The research revealed that most pet owners wanted content that was relatable and meaningful for their pet type. At the same time, their searches were not driven by brands but by the usefulness of the content. 

This made the company realize that the online presence and searchability of their brand and content had immense scope for improvement. In order to start making an impact, their digital strategy needed a complete revamp.

01. Offer engaging content

02. Cater to diverse needs

03. Replicate regional sites

The immediate objective was to create a portal that would provide information to pet owners about various topics including daily care, health, training, and pet products.

In addition, each pet owner’s preferences can vary based on the kind of pet they have, so the content offered to users needed to be personalized and relevant.

Research suggested owners with one pet type have similar global content and search preferences. So the system architecture needed to be able to replicate regional sites based on a single version.

Quote Congratulations to the team. It’s been a real challenge - new tech, crazy deadlines, a tough customer - you really have done an amazing job. Really proud of you all.
—Jo Watson-Hopkinson
Senior Director - Professional Services, Acquia



The digital revamp of the client’s web properties was not just a one-off project, but a long-term strategic initiative. It was evident that the technology supporting them needed to be innovative, scalable and evolving. It also needed to be easy to use and have a quick adoption rate.

Drupal, along with products such as Acquia Cloud Site Factory (ACSF) and Acquia Lift, fit most of the above requirements. With its support for multiple languages, multiple sites and various out-of-the-box content management features, it would change the way the client created, managed and distributed content. The client could use existing modules and features to cost-effectively create their websites. With Drupal also allowing enough room for customization, it would be easier to tailor the solution to make it uniquely attractive for each customer.

The ease-of-use and flexible content architecture would also add to both faster development as well as adoption of the sites.

Drupal also seemed the most obvious choice in the long term with an active community that would almost always have answers for every question. The client could take advantage of the evolution of Drupal as a platform to complement their digital strategy in the future.

The MVP launch was completed successfully in 15 weeks. With the launch of the portal, the client was able to take the first steps towards their long-term roadmap of a digital overhaul.


“I’ve calculated our Flow Efficiency % for Sprint 2: 35.53% (exceptional). The expectation was that the team would push their precious FE% for Sprint 1 from 11.62% to 15 to 17.5% in Sprint 2. The FE% has more than doubled in Sprint 2, considerably reducing waste in the stem. 35-40% is the Rockstar team territory. Fantastic work, Dev, QA and UAT teams. THANK YOU!”

Kubair Shirazee
 Agile Transformation & Delivery Lead, Acquia

Easier Content Management

The marketing team can easily create and manage content and later reuse it for regional sites. This helps save time and effort and ensures that a uniform brand identity is maintained.


Personalized content

Customers can choose to see personalized content based on their preferences. This personalized content enhances customer engagement and provides useful insights.


In-depth customer insights

With insights to customer preferences via personalization, the client’s marketing team attains useful data. They can create unique customer profiles and categories.


Improved chance of conversion

Each brand is now backed by curated and relevant content. Meaningful and relevant content translates into an increase in traffic, repeat visitors and better conversions.


Higher Return On Investment

With these insights, the client can create unique customer journeys. This helps them direct their marketing efforts in the right direction at the right time, effectively utilizing marketing budgets.


Improved brand visibility

By serving relevant content to customers, the client can build brand visibility. The right kind of content ensures improved SEO and increased lead generation.

Project Highlights

Acquia Cloud Site Factory (ACSF)

Using ACSF, the client can now leverage the existing code base to create new sites. This helped prevent duplication of effort and reduced each site’s time to market. Efforts required for post go-live maintenance were also reduced.
The marketing department was able to create a uniform brand experience across sites without having to put in much effort to ensure consistency.

Acquia Content Hub

Using Acquia Content Hub, we were able to provide a central content repository that would help them manage all content in a single place. Users are now able to find and update existing content without having to search for it in multiple places.
Marketers can utilize the latest available content whenever the need arises. This helps avoid unnecessary communication and eliminates the need to create duplicate content. Even when creating new content, authors are able to find the existing content and maintain the same brand language. With ACSF and Content Hub at work, any content changes get reflected to country sites in real time. This creates a consistent content experience for users across countries and languages.

Acquia Lift

The long term goal of the client was knowing what customers really want and ensuring that each customer actually got what they wanted. To know what customers want, it is important to know what they have been looking for in the first place. We helped the client establish a connect with their customers by leveraging the benefits of Acquia Lift.
Acquia Lift creates profiles for each customer based on historic data of their interactions across platforms and the kind of content they consume. Marketers can use segmentation to group customers across profiles.
When creating a digital marketing strategy, the trends and patterns in each customer segment are studied carefully. Knowledge of these patterns helps marketers create a more effective strategy. This leads to better customer engagement and brand affinity, resulting in increased sales.


Personalization of customer experience is heavily reliant on historic customer data. Therefore, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was the most critical compliance requirement for this project.
A primary requirement of GDPR is to obtain the consent of users while collecting data in any form. GDPR as a regulation does not spell out any specific technical implementation guidelines or requirements. We worked proactively with the client to detail out the functional and technical requirements to fulfil this compliance requirement.