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Streamlining Customer Support with a Salesforce Chatbot

About the Customer

A next-generation solar technology company, our customer is known for their cutting-edge solar design engineering and development teams. Their tools help energy providers design advanced solar power plants.


Their AutoCAD plug-in is currently being used by customers in over 50 countries across the globe.

  • 50+

    Countries Served

  • 03

    Gigawatts Avg Daily Energy Production Capacity Per Project

  • €20

    (Million) Funds Raised for Renewable Energy


The Axelerant team members have all been very helpful regarding Chatbot development. They were able to quickly provide results and have been very responsive when we've had questions…

Kellie Walker Senior Manager, Engagement, Configero (Ex.)


The Challenge

The existing chatbot triage system could not clearly categorize the end-customers according to their inquiries. The customer support team struggled to report proper feedback and take corrective actions without this information. 


Multiple offerings and solution diversification over time added to the problem. This led to delays in closure and a decline in CSAT scores.


As a result, the service planning workflow was neither time-efficient nor cost-effective. The support team was unable to keep up with changing customer needs.


The client was determined to transform their customer service by resolving matters with minimum time and effort.


The Solution

The solution had to be expansive and scalable to match the present and future needs of the business. An AI-enabled Salesforce chatbot became the solution.

The SF Chatbot would:

  1. Streamline the customer support process
  2. Fix the entire service planning workflow

To achieve this, we made sure that the chatbot enabled: 

  • A custom case routing flow to replace the existing pre-chat forms
  • Routing all the queries and cases raised on the website to the triage
  • Properly queuing the queries for
    • Receiving customer information
    • Validating this information
    • Knowing the customer category in realtime

The Result

The customer was able to:

  1. Streamline their CRM efforts
  2. Enable their support agents to close a higher volume of queries and leads
  3. Offer exceptional customer service


This solution reduced the volume of inquiries coming into the call center. It also eliminated haphazard calling schedules and emails by four times.


Empowered Decision Making

Better data from defined channels empowered sales reps to make data-driven decisions at every step of the case lifecycle.


Shorter Resolution Time for Agents

A clear path minimized haphazard calling. This shortened the query resolution time


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Relevant query routing and shorter resolution time led to improved customer service and increased customer satisfaction.

Project Highlights

  • Einstein Bot

  • Einstein Case Classification

  • Einstein Case Routing

Einstein Bot

The Einstein bot automates and resolves common issues raised by customers in their conversations on chat and messaging channels. This is a simple yet effective self-service solution for the client’s customers. 

Configro Einstein Bot Image-1

Einstein Case Classification

To lessen the support agents’ burden, we implemented case classification. It predicts field values such as reason, type, and priority of incoming cases based on the customers’ query subject and description.

Configro Einstein Case Classification-1

Einstein Case Routing

Case Routing was incorporated to triage and route cases to the right queue and agent. From there, the Omni-Channel determines which agents are available and when the next agent would be available for resolution.

Configro Einstein Case Routing-1
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