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Jan 18, 2024 | 2 Minute Read

Axelerant Seeks Nearshore Agency Partners & Contractors In Latin America

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We are expanding our global operations to provide nearshore coverage for customers requiring extended support by inviting contractors and outsourcing partners in Latin America to join The Axelerant Network.

While we continue to hire internationally, including within the United States and Canada, our approach to expansion at Axelerant is informed by how we see partnership as a means of organic growth.

After successfully expanding our customers' capabilities using our teams, we are working to enhance and extend our teams through collaboration with vendor partners and contractors. The goal is to scale.

“We have always believed—and we’ve said it over and over—that ‘partnership is the new normal,’” said Ankur Gupta, CEO at Axelerant. “And it’s time for us to forge strategic partnerships with agencies and others to help support some of our most important engagements. This will help us in Axelerant’s ongoing mission: to accelerate digital outcomes and scale with our customers as their partners of record.”

This move underscores our commitment to global collaboration. It opens doors for mature, partnership-focused digital experience outsourcing agencies and contractors inspired by long-term, symbiotic growth built on trust.

“We’re really excited about what this could mean for support services. We can go beyond Indian Standard Time (IST) coverage with a multi-region approach,” said Hetal Mistry, Director of Delivery at Axelerant.

Beginning The Axelerant Network

Axelerant’s Vendor Partner Management function will accept applications from interested contractors and agencies to create an Axelerant Partner Network. Ultimately, this network will serve as a community of agency contacts and contractors interested in submitting responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) / Invitations to Tender (ITT). 

There are several benefits to joining this network, including:

  • High-Impact Opportunities: Expand your service portfolio, reduce reliance on a single client base, and gain access to new markets and customer segments, significantly expanding your reach and influence. Within the Axelerant Network, engage in transformative collaborations with change-making organizations and recognizable institutions. Axelerant delivers work for clients like Stanford University, Doctors Without Borders, and agencies within the United Nations.
  • Achieve More Together: Collaborating as a vendor with Axelerant enables agencies to tackle larger projects by combining resources and expertise. This partnership also offers the advantage of leveraging Axelerant's global presence to provide coverage in different time zones for your diverse client needs. With this arrangement, we can mutually optimize and utilize our resources, serving a broader and more diverse client base.
  • Transparency & Fair Treatment: Axelerant does not subcontract work without explicit permission from our customers. We believe in transparency and mutual benefit. As a vendor partner or contractor with Axelerant, you can expect an open approach, and we are eager to help you publish case studies that showcase the value and success of our collaborations.
  • Global Connectivity & Community: Join a global network of industry leaders and professionals. Benefit from meaningful connections with external agency peers. We aim to create a space where professionals from different backgrounds can openly engage, ask questions, and share perspectives.
  • Tailored Excellence: Axelerant offers flexible partnership models, recognizing the unique strengths of each agency and contractor arrangement. We will work with you to customize our engagement for mutual alignment. 

Join The Axelerant Network 

Please fill out this form to explore partnership possibilities. 

About the Author
Nathan Roach, Director of Marketing
About the Author

Nathan Roach, Director of Marketing

Germany-based consumer of old world wine and the written word. Offline you can find him spending time with his wife and daughter at festivities in the Rhineland.

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