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Does Your Job Allow You To Stay Fit? — Part 1

Does Your Job Allow You To Stay Fit? — Chapter One

Axelerant team members strive to develop holistic health while working full time, being fit mentally, emotionally, and mentally.

Organizational values

How Organizational Values Fuel Success

We look back at our journey towards finding our agency values, what they mean to us, how they influence all our interactions, and fuel our partners' success.

Reasons for using Drupal to build a web application in 2022

5 Reasons For Using Drupal To Build A Web Application in 2022

As there are various CMSs available in the market, many brands prefer using Drupal to build a web application for elevating their productivity. Read this blog to understand what makes Drupal the right choice for building a web application.

Language Diversity at Axelerant

How To Manage Language Diversity In Workplace?

This is how we’re trying to address inclusivity challenges that center around language diversity within our team.

Global Talent Acquisition at Axelerant

Why Is Global Talent Acquisition A Priority To Agency Success?

The Axelerant team is expanding, bringing time-tested delivery, hiring, and customer success processes to more agency partners around the world. Our views on Global Talent Acquisition.

'No Rules Rules' At Axelerant?

'No Rules Rules' At Axelerant?

We read ‘No Rules Rules’ by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to understand the cultural similarities between the two organizations.

Making the most of our trainee program at Axelerant

Making The Most Of Our Trainee Program At Axelerant

As the current traditional hiring practices are not meeting the demands, companies need to adopt the right trainee program that can help to upskill the bright junior developers.

Drupal vs WordPress - Choosing the right CMS

Drupal vs WordPress - Choosing The Right CMS in 2022

This blog post helps to gain a look inside the functionalities of the two leading CMS platforms - Drupal and WordPress. Intending to deliver a clear picture of their functionalities, this blog post can play a pivotal role in the Drupal vs WordPress debate.

Decoupling Drupal With The Help Of NextJS

Decoupling Drupal With The Help Of NextJS

The Decoupling Drupal approach involves splitting the frontend and backend, using different sets of tools for each. Read the blog to gain insights into how you can use framework like Next.js for the frontend while using Drupal just for the backend.

Collaborating with Clients At Axelerant

Collaborating With Clients At Axelerant

Discover how Axelerant team members work, spread across different time zones and continents, and achieve magnificent results.

How To Use NextJs With Storyblok Headless CMS?

How To Use NextJs With Storyblok Headless CMS?

Read the blog to know how we experimented with headless CMS Storyblok and Next.js to improve our workflow and flexibility.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Axelerant recognizes Emotional Intelligence as an important aspect for professional growth, and works with team members to nurture it.