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Decoupled / Headless Drupal

Decouple Drupal with experts.


Our team can help you deliver headless or decoupled Drupal dependably. Axelerant delivered the very first decoupled Drupal solution for a U.S. Top 50 (Quantcast) site, one of the largest publishers online when decoupling or “going headless” became an option. Since then we’ve made decoupled Drupal not just work but exceed expectations for big brands that you recognize, across industries.

Drupal As Backend

Drupal As Frontend

Drupal leads the WCMS market in terms of features available to content writers and editors. With structured content capabilities, rich media, complex workflows, granular access control, and more, Drupal can handle a wide variety of use-cases. Pair this with your favorite JavaScript framework to get the best of both worlds.



While Drupal’s content editing capabilities are seldom found elsewhere, there might be use-cases where content needs to remain in a legacy system. Use Drupal as the front-end for these services while using your legacy system for things that it was designed to do best.



How Axelerant Builds Decoupled Drupal Sites

We assert that decoupling is not a technology decision, but a business decision. Our first step would be to find out if decoupling Drupal is the right solution for your needs and if it is, we figure out the other systems and their relationships based on your needs. 

A decoupled Drupal system allows you to decouple teams and we encourage that once we identify requirements. We establish an API contract between the teams so that each team can move at their pace or even at different sprint lengths. At the same time, the API contract ensures that the overall project moves smoothly and efficiently.

The most common scenario is to use Drupal as a content management platform with user-facing websites written purely using a JavaScript framework. But we could also suggest a progressively decoupled solution or even recommend against decoupling if we find that it would do you more harm than good.

Axelerant shows much more professionalism and expertise than others. The client is very happy… we love working with them.

Maggie Tong

General Manager, Wunderman (Hong Kong)

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Why decoupled Drupal?

Drupal is designed to not just be relevant in today’s complex and decoupled world, but to excel in it. Drupal provides a powerful API layer out of the box allowing your team to build rich front-end applications and multi-channel publishing solutions. At the same time, Drupal also integrates with APIs provided by enterprise applications using standardized abstractions allowing you to build a central repository or a custom dashboard. Contact us to learn more about succeeding with decoupled Drupal.