Drupal Migration

Drupal Migration

Migrate to Drupal with confidence.


As a digital agency that works with Drupal every day, Drupal migrations are in our DNA. This was the first service we offered to our customers almost a decade ago. Having helped to build the migration framework in Drupal as an Open Source contribution, our team is ready and highly qualified to help.

Deeply involved in the Drupal community, Axelerant’s developers have migrated hundreds of diverse sites, platforms, and frameworks to Drupal while customizing for customer’s needs, such as: incremental migrations, minimal content freeze, rearchitecting content, and even selective migration of content or the cleaning up of old content.


How We Handle Migrations

Most migrations differ from each other in terms of source, size, scope, transformations, cleanup, and optimization. Our migration process is efficient in composition and reuses components from within Drupal.



01. Establishing Business Need

Like most applications, migrations are a business problem first—and we start there. It begins with empathy.



02. Select Your Strategy

We pick a migration strategy depending on factors like how robust the source is, the kind of transformations needed, how frequently the content gets created (in case of user-generated content), target architecture, and so on. The robustness of the source depends on how cleanly we can retrieve content and distinguish between metadata like creation dates, revision dates, owners, etc.



03. Testing & Implementing Migration

Once we have identified the strategy, we use Drupal’s migration framework to implement the migrations—which is powerful and flexible for a variety of combinations of source, destination, and their corresponding mappings or transformations. These migrations are regularly tested before being used for incremental or one-time migration.



04. Monitoring & Adjustments

During execution, the migrations are run in a controlled environment, depending on the strategy we pick, and monitored for performance and problems.



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Why Drupal?

Drupal powers 2% of the Internet. It’s used by small to large organizations in marketing, publishing, higher education, and many other industries and is trusted by hundreds of Drupal agencies like us. Drupal offers:

  • A first class CMS on top of a first class API service
  • Flexible architecture suitable for modern teams
  • Enterprise-grade workflow capabilities
  • Rich tools for designing the content structure for your needs 
  • Easy content management across channels for omni-channel