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Axelerant People Report: October 2018

We're firing up a monthly People Report. Here's ours from October 2018.

Coaching & Mentorship At Our Agency

Coaching and mentorship are critical to building great teams. Here's our take on the role mentoring plays in success, and what we're doing at Axelerant.

Women at Axelerant: Chapter Three

I'm in conversation with the women at Axelerant about their experiences as professionals in their industries. Here's the final chapter of a three-part series.

How Agency Values Fuel Success

Values define an agency's culture and identity. We look back at our journey towards finding our agency values, what they mean to us, how they shape and influence all our interactions, and fuel our partners' success.

Women at Axelerant: Chapter Two

I'm in conversation with the women at Axelerant about their experiences as professionals in their industries. Here's chapter two of a three-part series.

Women at Axelerant: Chapter One

I'm in conversation with the women at Axelerant about their experiences as professionals in their industries. Here's chapter one of a three-part series.

Our Staff Members Are Stakeholders

Customer success and team member success are tied tightly together. Here's how we’re making this dual success possible, specifically when it comes to staffing.

Bringing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to an Open Organization

The truth is, without these KPI’s in place, we missed every time. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Axelerant's OKR Journey

Implementing OKR's (Objectives and Key Results) is a technique at work here at Axelerant. This is the start of our OKR journey.

18 Remote Work Benefits: Axelerant's Roundup

Everyone has their favorite remote work benefits. These are ours.

Axelerant Insider August 2016

Our team members launched a Drupal 8 site, podcast episode 5, attended a conference in Malaysia, and will be presenting at a Drupal event in Bangalore.

13 Benefits of Global Developer Staff Augmentation

Developer staff augmentation benefits have changed the way talent is sourced for Open Source projects. Here's why.

The Best Tech Startup Resources: The Remote Team

Tech startup resources are are everywhere. But there’s an ultimate tech startup resource, and it’s the remote team.

College Websites 101: Attracting International Students

Attracting international students in the higher education space is a competitive game. College websites need to be a lot of things to win it.

Axelerant Insider July 2016

Behold! Welcome to our new, redesigned Axelerant Insider for July 2016. All because we like keeping you in the loop.

Remote Work & The Home Office: Creating The Perfect Workspace

Remote work, from the right workspace, is great. If you work remotely and from home, use these five tips and set up the perfect home office.

Trying to Find The Best Drupal Agency? Find Team Wellness

If you’re looking for the best Drupal agency to work with or work for, check out Axelerant's best practices for people management.

June 2016 Axelerant Insider

Axelerant turned four on June one, 2016! And today, we're number one in Drupal 8 contributions from India.

Agile Drupal Retrospectives Enable Prospective Success

Agile Drupal retrospectives are about one thing and one thing only. Making future success easier than the last time (and the time before that).

5 Reasons Why Remote Work Challenges Are The Worst

Remote work challenges aren’t solely organizational. And you can take it from me, I’m a Life Coach working on a virtual team, striving to better my colleagues’ daily lives and their remote work experi

20 Steps To Life Without Drupaler Burnout

Burnout for Drupalers is severe. Hyperactive contributors fixed on giving back to the open source world are faced with it all too often. Here are 20 easy ways to combat it.