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Where to find us at DrupalCon Europe 2020

Where to find us at DrupalCon Europe 2020

Find out why we are excited about DrupalCon Europe 2020. Axelerant is contributing to this international virtual event that brings the Drupal Community together.

Picking the right Drupal migration strategy

Picking The Right Drupal Migration Strategy

The Drupal migration framework supports a variety of sources and the ability to specify custom sources and destinations. We are talking about how to pick the right migration strategy here.

Upgrade Drupal to PHP 8 Compiling Extensions

Upgrade Drupal to PHP 8: Compiling extensions

In the second part of the PHP 8 blog series, let’s look at getting some of the common PHP extensions and configure it to run with Drupal.

Create A Dynamic Route And Upcast Its Parameter In Drupal 8

Create A Dynamic Route And Upcast Its Parameter In Drupal 8

The creation of dynamic routes has changed as compared to the past versions of Drupal. This tutorial can help you create a dynamic route and upcast its parameter.


Drupal 8 And The Approach To CKEditor Plugins

Explore all the possibilities about the CKEditor integration in Drupal 8 and learn them practically with various methods in this blog post.

creating a culture of learning through QA hackathons banner

Creating A Culture Of Learning Through QA Hackathons

Taking a step towards creating a culture of learning with Quality Assurance Hackathons at Axelerant

Axelerant BADCamp 2020

BADCamp: My First Experience in the Drupal Community as a Non-Developer

The Drupal community welcomes all those who wish to contribute, including non-developers. That's what I learned during my first Drupal Camp: Bay Area Drupal Camp 2020.

Set up E2E testing of Drupal website via Cypress

Use Case: Set Up E2E Testing Of Drupal Website Via Cypress

Explore an automated testing solution that works better with headless Drupal applications or decoupled Drupal and get some real experience of using Cypress in actual Drupal applications.

4 Takeaways for Drupal Engineers from Acquia Engage

4 Takeaways for Drupal Engineers from Acquia Engage

In this post, our Director of Drupal Services discusses four things that he took away from Acquia Engage 2020 as a Drupal developer, architect, and contributor.

Upgrading Drupal to PHP 8

Upgrading Drupal to PHP 8

PHP 8 adds a lot of exciting new features, find out how to upgrade your Drupal site to PHP 8 and solve the prevalent challenges.


Optimize Your Migration Testing Strategy For Drupal Applications

Our QA team came up with a strategy to test applications that were being migrated to the Drupal platform. Access the pre and post-migration checklist.


Deploy Drupal onto k8s via Gitlab CI/CD in Agile Projects

We have implemented a pipeline to build the application in a Docker container and deploy it onto a k8s environment with many possible arbitrary stages.