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How To Function Test An eCommerce Website

Testing the eCommerce website has become very important to user expectations and ensures site functionality, performance and security.

What Does Planning For Drupal 9 Mean To You?

What Does Planning For Drupal 9 Mean To You?

Plan a Drupal 9 upgrade while keeping the upcoming Drupal releases and versioning in mind. Read what the upgrade process will mean will for you.

 Mautic: Develop Your Custom Marketing Integration Plugin

Mautic: Develop Your Custom Marketing Integration Plugin

This blog series will kick start integrating other marketing tools with Mautic. In this first post, we uncover the use of IntegrationBundle to extend the Mautic.


How To Create Event Subscribers In Drupal 8 - Part 1

Part 1 of our blog series explains how to create Event Subscribers in Drupal 8 and why Events are preferable and prove of advantage over Hooks.

Understand Drupal 8 Layout Builder In QA Context

Understand Drupal 8 Layout Builder In QA Context

Layout Builder in Drupal 8 allows the site-builder or content editors to quickly create visual layouts. You can enable the module with these easy steps.


Explained: Local Mautic Development using Lando

A quick walkthrough of using Lando to set up a development environment for Mautic due to its flexibility and several other benefits.


Native Language Switcher For Multilingual Sites in Drupal

Drupal 8 offers the UI for switching the language.Taking a step ahead, we used a custom module to showcase it in the native language.


How To Test Complex Requirements Using Decision Tables

A decision table provides a complete and accurate statement of decision logic. Learn how it helps the tester to cover all valid input combinations.


Code-Refactoring 101: A Quick Guide To Get Started

If you are initiating code refactoring, it is always better to focus on code smell first and then to proceed with refactoring. Address and clear the code at the lower level first and to work our way up slowly.


How To Use Xray Test Management Tool In Agile Environment

At Axelerant we make use of the Xray Management tool in our Sprints to reap the benefits of using a full-fledged test management system.

Enabling Bex Screenshot Extension In Behat

Enabling Bex Screenshot extension In Behat

In a CI/CD setup enabling screenshot extensions for failed scenarios prove to be extremely useful. How we can use and enable the screenshot extensions in Behat


How To Configure The Layout Builder In Drupal 8

The Layout Builder module in Drupal 8 grants an ability to create visual layouts for displaying any content easily. Here's a detailed procedure to configure.