Axelerant DevOps Series Intro: What Is DevOps?

The term DevOps has many different meanings depending on the context in which it's used. We try to define what it means for us at Axelerant.

Drupal 8: Custom styles in CKEditor

When a user wants to apply a different style than predefined styles in the WYSIWYG editor, developers are required to create a custom CKEditor style. Learn how.

How to Install Drupal Security Updates

One of the most effective ways to keep your website secure is by ensuring that the latest Drupal security updates are installed for your site.

Drupal 8: Creating Custom Field Formatter Plugins

How to create a Drupal custom formatter plugin that can parse data from an uploaded CSV file. We also go through functions required to implement a custom plugin

How to Track IP Address as a Custom Dimension using the Drupal Google Analytics Module

IP address tracking is important when you need to recognize and track user activity. Learn how to track IP address using the Drupal Google Analytics module.

The Top 20 Drupal Security Modules

Here's a list of the top Drupal security modules in all their glory.

16 Reasons to Choose Drupal OpenScholar

Here are 16 reasons Drupal OpenScholar is making Drupal school websites a top choice for colleges everywhere.

See The Drupal Community Differently

The Drupal community is dynamic. It’s growing, highly active, and exceptionally colorful. And the best part? You can see it.

Making Drupal 8 PHP 7 Ready Is Huge For Drupal 8 Developers

Drupal 8 developers, making Drupal 8 PHP 7 ready is one of the best things to happen for us. This is why.

What Makes Agile QA Testing Different?

Want the short or long answer? We've got both. Agile QA testing goes beyond our Drupal QA services. We're talking about Software QA as a whole here.