We help you get the most out of open source

Software support and maintenance shouldn’t be the hitch that keeps you down. There are more important things for you to focus on. Support and staffing solutions need to get your organization more from the applications it depends on. We recognize that a lack of Open Source support and maintenance providers fixed on customer success is holding people and organizations back. Which is why we're committed to being the definitive support solution, to keep your business success at the center of our attention.


Customer Success Focus

Because support services should be fixed on you. Everything we do—our people, processes, tools—need to be aligned your priorities. Customer Success Managers ensure that your organization’s big picture is kept in focus, every day.


Continuous Delivery Improvement

Our mode of delivery is custom and it starts with understanding how your organization works. Throughout our relationship, from onboarding forward, our team practices continuous discovery in tandem with your team to help you reach goals with software. We are dedicated to continuously crafting agile solutions to deliver tested, quality assured work that meets demand.


Giving Back to Open Source

Axelerant doesn’t just work with Free and Open Source Software. We're enthusiastic, international contributors and we’ve given over 500 commits, presentations, projects, and event sponsorship packages since 2005. These contributions reach well beyond our portfolio industries to support the Open Source movement itself.

Our Commitment


Your needs
come first

We are conscientious in crafting solutions that serve your needs best and boost your return on investment.


Fueling Success With Our Expertise

Our extensive portfolio and regular Open Source contributions help us build and refine our knowledge while keeping on the cutting edge of development.


Quality service
as promised

We keep our promises. We take great pains to set clear SLA expectations and meet them without variations.

Thought Leadership.png

Thought leadership

Axelerant solutions and success stories demonstrate how existing and new ways of doing things can work for your business.

Success Stories

Dedicated support teams, separate development teams, or a mix—our clients can choose a model that works for them. Here are some success stories.