Quality Assurance

Leveraging The Axelerant Testing Lab

Axelerant offers a comprehensive range of QA services to address agency needs. Our talented engineers have diverse domain and process knowledge, and are comfortable using a wide range of tools and techniques.

With Axelerant's QA services, agency teams can focus on other work and leave testing to our engineers. They can leverage the fresh perspective that our team members bring in, while being assured of extensive test coverage for their clients' platforms.


How We Brought QA Best Practices To Staples®

Putting quality first, Axelerant engineers delivered a supplier-facing portal for Staples. Close involvement of QA team members at every stage helped us mitigate risk for the client, and deliver a highly performant and user-friendly end product.

Axelerant has been an excellent partner that follows through on commitments and delivers a high quality product.

Bill Whitebone

Principal, Advance Velocity

Automated Testing Services

Leverage 100% consistency in testing.

Axelerant can help define and implement an appropriate automation strategy and methodology. Our automation testing expertise helps lower testing effort and cost, easily test complicated scenarios, get to market faster, and increase return on investment (ROI). 

Manual Testing Services

Employ comprehensive testing to catch defects early.

Manual testing is an important supplement for automation testing, especially in agile scenarios where there are rapid changes in requirements and code. Axelerant provides a variety of options to achieve comprehensive manual testing and accurate results. 

Security Testing Services

Achieve high availability and integrity for web assets.

Businesses today consider security a major concern due to the cost implications. We use the latest industry standards, testing tools and methodologies to assess business-critical web applications and identify security vulnerabilities. 

Performance Testing Services

Ensure responsive and scalable web applications.

Axelerant’s performance testing services help agencies deliver future-proof applications. Our end-to-end services help detect performance bottlenecks, and ensure that web assets are reliable and perform flawlessly even with huge volumes. 

API Testing Services.

Maintain uptime for API's and integrations.

Our API testing services use a comprehensive range of test cases to ensure that business-critical APIs and applications are working optimally. Our testing services ensure extensive test coverage and significantly reduced downtime. 

QA Analysis

Establish effective testing processes that work.

Axelerant can analyze testing processes and methodologies to expose inefficiencies, and provide recommendations for improvement. We help reduce time-to-market, optimize resource utilization, and simplifies knowledge transfer across testers. 

Mihajlo Atanackovic

Digital IT Director

““Axelerant takes responsibility and adjusts to improve, with a dependable response time and the ability to deliver on short notice...”.”

Mark Castrovinci

Chief Technology Officer

“Together the implementation teams effectively addressed our unique requirements, created a great solid foundation for the future and delivered it all on an extremely aggressive timeline.”

Jared Yellin

Chief Executive Officer

““Axelerant is committed to getting the job done. With strong technical skills, they're fearless when venturing into new areas.””