Axelerant + Engage 2020: Who Should Care?

October 9, 2020

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Acquia Engage Online 2020 is free for anyone to attend. This will bring enterprise-level technologists and CTOs, digital agency decision makers, CMOs, Acquians, members of the Drupal and Mautic communities, and others. And we’re proud to be sponsoring.

But out of all these diverse movers and doers, who should care that we’re sponsoring—why are we sponsoring, anyways?

  1. Agency leaders and teams: we have something special to offer you. Axelerant is an agency for agencies that stand to gain from flexible team bandwidth, cost-effective scaling, and from filling gaps with adept, certified engineers. Our technical delivery services are built for agency partners in particular, and our partnership with both past and present Acquia agency partners and others is truly unique. (Blue State Digital, RedWeb, White Rhino, Proctor + Stevenson, FFW, Wunderman Thompson, etc.) Stop by our booth to learn more.
  2. Anyone who’s following Acquia closely: we are proud of our symbiotic relationship with Acquia, and we’ll be sharing examples of why. Across departments: product engineering, professional services, sales, marketing—Axelerant has brought real value (that has grown) to Acquia and Acquia’s clients for over eight years. We haven’t just shared in the success of Acquia’s products, we’ve contributed to this success and on a global scale to support million dollar deals. In this sense, we are stakeholders and proud collaborators. Ask us questions about this special relationship at the event, and how it started.

Why visit our booth?

  • We’ll have stories about a recent UN project being shared by agency doers and dreamers from Blue State Digital, a leading Axelerant agency partner.
  • Also on the agenda are some Acquians who’ll be presenting with Axelerant on our work with CohesionDX.
  • We’ll have a brief session on our work to improve Acquia’s Mautic, led by Prateek.

Our booth schedule


Day 1 (October 20th, 2020):

Slot (EDT)GuestTopicHost

11:25 AM - 11:45 AMCraig Hanna, Director of Customer Enablement, AcquiaDisrupting Site Building With Site Studio For Enterprises: A Conversation With Craig HannaPiyush 

12:15 PM - 12:35 PMElizabeth Ducoff, Chief Marketing Officer, OpenScholarAccelerating DX For Labs, Institutes & Universities: A Conversation With Elizabeth DucoffPiyush

12:45 PM - 01:05 PMMridulla Harshvardhan, Team Coach, AxelerantLife Coaching for Digital Teams in the COVID Era: A Conversation With Mridula HarshvardhanNathan

02:25 PM - 02:45 PMAlex Berger, Director of Technology & Product, Blue StateHeadless Drupal: Creating Modern Digital Experiences: A Conversation With Alex BergerPrateek

02:50 PM - 03:10 PMJordan Ryan,
Chief Technology Officer, Facet Interactive
Why Choose Open Source Mautic over SaaS Solutions: A Conversation With Jordan RyanPrateek


Day 2 (October 21st, 2020):

Slot (EDT)GuestTopicHost

10:50 AM - 11:20 AMSam Zimmerman, SVP, Platform Partnerships and Alexa Wilcox, Project Manager, Blue StateDelivering Digital Experiences for Large Non-Profit: A Conversation with Sam Zimmerman and Alexa WilcoxNathan

11:20 AM - 11:40 AMTeri Sun, Chief Strategy Officer, White RhinoDigital Changemaking in Healthcare: A Conversation with Teri SunPiyush

12:10 PM - 12:30 PMDave Folan, Development Director, Red WebDrupal and Acquia for Higher Ed: A Conversation With Dave FolanPrateek


Want to meet us?

We’d be happy to connect with you before the event, at our booth at Engage, or after.

If you have questions about the work we do for Acquia, agency partners, and our involvement with communities like Drupal—let us know. And if you’d just like to say “hello!” or think we could help you find what you’re searching for, drop us a message.


Piyush Poddar

Piyush manages our partnerships with our agency affiliates. He’s a veteran digital agency sales leader who is actively involved in Drupal, in collaboration with Acquia and others. Having hosted over a dozen Agency Leaders events around the world and just recently having launched a podcast (Humans Behind DX), Piyush is a connector. Reach out to him for introductions and sage advice when it comes to closing and delivering bigger business.


Prateek Jain

Prateek is Axelerant’s dedicated Acquia Service Area Lead. That’s right, we have a specific vertical in our organization dedicated to Acquia product implementation, integrations, and improvements of the product. Prateek has collaborated on projects across clouds (Marketing, Drupal, and Content) for over four years with leading partners. Reach out to him with technical questions, and new ideas and questions about Acquia projects.


Nathan Roach

Nathan leads marketing at Axelerant. He just relocated to Washington D.C. from Germany and before that he lived in Japan. In all of these places over the past five years, he’s collaborated with Acquians and other agency partners on collaborative content initiatives to foster agency growth.

See you there!