October 2015 Bulletin

October 16, 2015

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Axelerant Bulletin - October 2015

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Heroes of the Month

Axelerant appreciates these heroes of the previous month for going above and beyond job expectations to positively impact Axelerant, its peers, and our clients.

Cheers to you, Axelerant heroes!

Axelerant Heroes of the month September 2015

Givers of the Month

These top givers at Axelerant raise their voices to ensure others are being recognized for positively promoting their peers. Props to you all for sending frequent, well-deserved kudos:

Axelerant Achievements

Axelerant Team Member Achievements

Congratulations team members for these proud recognitions.


Current Job Openings

We're always hiring at Axelerant. Check out the latest list: Axelerant Careers.


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Birthdays and Anniversaries

  • Anil Sharma: 2 year Employment Anniversary on November 1st
  • Karthik Bodu: 1 year Employment Anniversary on November 3rd
  • Aamir Ahmad: Birthday on November 3rd
  • Piyush Poddar: Birthday on November 5th
  • Abhishek Dhariwal: 2 year Employment Anniversary on November 7th
  • Karthik Bodu: Birthday on November 8th
  • Mahesh Shanbhag: Birthday on November 12th
  • Prabhat Sinha: Birthday on November 24th
  • Alan Lobo: Birthday on November 30th

Cheers to you all!


Reference: Contributions & Events Tracker

Policy Changes

Reference: Axelerant’s Guides & Policies


  • If you'd like to contribute to the next newsletter, contact #hr.
  • Take photographs and share the best on #general.
  • Pot lunches and birthdays have a ₹ 500/person budget.
  • Submit expense reimbursements via Xero.

Open Source Photography


Drupal Montreal meetup
Simple Testing - Drupal Montreal Meetup

Michael is in the United Kingdom the last half of October. Then he's on to France for the rest of the year. If you know of an open source event in those locales or nearby and you'd like him to photograph it for you, let him know. Be sure to select Photography as the contact purpose.