New Remote Work Benefits: There's A Life Coach At Axelerant

Different, right? It's one advantage on a long list of our remote work benefits. Let us explain.

Although our team members come together from across the globe to meet, when you work within a typical remote culture, face time doesn't really happen. With next to no personal back and forths happening outside of distributed team tools, things can get dicey for teleworkers. Interpersonal interactions are important; these tie into agency team wellness, effective team building, and just good ol' fashioned happiness.

We work hard to stay on top of this with our employee development initiatives. Our newest move? We hired a full-time life coach for our team. 

This is one of Axelerant's unique remote work benefits.

Life coaching is consulting. While consultations are usually industry specific, the life coaching at Axelerant is specific to our team members. Because a life coach is essentially a personal development specialist, their services aren’t focused specifically on a technology, skill, etc.

We’re talking about dynamic team building via individual betterment. Unlike industry consultants who propose solutions and leave the agency to implement it, a life coach will stay with team members, helping them integrate change, new skills, and goals. So generally, you could say that the job of a life coach is to help team members get from where they are to where they want to be.

What can a life coach help with?

Needs vary; this is about the individual. Stress management, goal setting, dealing with changes—these things are relative. These adjustments need to happen on the job, in retirement, in personal life, social life, public areas, etc. A life coach helps you, in just about any context, tackle:

  • Get over feeling unstuck
  • Inculcate healthy habits
  • Unleash creativity
  • Improve professional, personal relationships
  • Develop leadership skills and potential
  • Identify attainable goals
  • Have more fun

Axelerant's focus on these interpersonal initiatives—as remote work benefits—makes us unique. In a distributed environment, these really aren't usually considered or valued.

How does our life coach work with our team members?

Our life coach focuses on getting to know our team members—their thoughts about personal and professional development, their beliefs, attitudes, and biases leading them through life. By starting off with this, our life coach can help:

  • Helps them apply objectivity
  • Identify significant obstacles
  • Help them determine goals 
  • Create and maintain plans

A life coach enables our staff to reach and change the underlying thoughts and emotions that drive habits, routines, and actions. The process helps them learn how to essentially get out of their own way. We've found that life coaching can help shift energy levels from victim-hood, disillusionment, frustration, or anger to enthusiastic belief in the own power to recreate.

Having a team member focus on bettering the character strengths that make up our company enables evolution and organizational transformation. This is one of many remote work benefits our people appreciate.

What this means for us.

People who are attracted to coaching are often already successful in areas of their life. They want to take their success to a new level by helping others achieve success. An organization with happy, healthy, positive, courageous, forward-thinking individuals.

We want team members who know how to utilize their strengths, who know how to deal with weaknesses. By empowering our people from the inside, we're able to set up goals and achieve them with our staff in a healthy, interactive, interpersonal way.