Managed Staffing

Managed Staffing For Agencies

Our Certified People Working For You


Accelerated Readiness

We can staff your needs within days of notice. And we only put forward select options—quality talent over quantity, always. Our thoroughly vetted employees can quickly integrate to help you ramp up your agency’s delivery capabilities.

Technical Excellence

We continuously support our people to develop their skills. We fund learnings, certifications, event attendance, to keep on par with tech curves. Every employee has a Career Ladder and ongoing mentoring.

Managed Risks

We allow a two-week trial engagement with every Axelerant staff member. If they aren’t performing per your expectations, you will not be charged and can keep any work completed during the established trial period.

Unhindered Workflow

All employees are well-versed in Agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban. Besides email, Google Apps, and GitLab, we use industry favorites like Slack, Zoom, JIRA, and Confluence. Platforms and workflows are up to you. Staff members adapt to preferences.

Flexible Staffing Arrangements

Unforeseen events can alter requirements, leaving you with talent gaps that you’re not ready to address. We provide flexibility for changing staffing requirements, so you can address fluctuating end-client needs without any issues or holdups.

Open Source Team Players

Axelerant employees have a positive reputation in our Open Source communities as fervent code and session contributors. We give back to the digital platforms which help agencies get more out of the technologies they use for clients and themselves.

Wellness Investments

Axelerant hires and fosters well-rounded people beyond technical needs. We invest in our people holistically with communication and empathy workshops, peer mentorship programs, and an on staff Life Coach. We treat our people, like people.

Experienced Hiring

All of our delivery staff members have at least two-years of solid experience. Our in-depth recruitment and 90-day onboarding program are tailored. Beyond technical, we’re vetting for enthusiastic, kind people with clear communication skills.

Your Bottom Line

Axelerant's staffing is designed for competitive pricing. You don’t have to worry about staff member benefits, employment processing, terminations, or recruitment costs. We take care of those details so you can focus on the next big thing.

4-Step Agency Staffing Process:

1. Bring Your Talent Gap

What talent or specific skills do you require?

We understand project scope. Therefore, we'll help you figure out which skill set you require. Whether it's a pair of specialists or a cross-functional team, we can deliver them.

Bring your talent gap logo

2. Interviews & Onboarding

Evaluate and vet your staff member.

During this phase, you’ll review our suggested talent according to your preferences. If you’re happy with them, they can be onboarded to your tools, techniques, and processes.

Interviews and onboarding logo

3. Integrate With Your Team

Integration on acceptance.

With your staff member acceptance, they’ll be ready to integrate with your team just like an employee. And while Axelerant people mainly work remotely, on site visits can be arranged.

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4. Continuous Output

Working with you now.

And if for some reason you’re not completely satisfied with who you’ve been paired with, we’ll discuss options with your success as our priority.

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Mihajlo Atanackovic

Mihajlo Atanackovic

Director, Digital Engagement

“Axelerant takes responsibility and adjusts to improve, with a dependable response time and the ability to deliver on short notice...”

Mark Castrovinci

Mark Castrovinci

Chief Technology Officer

“Together the implementation teams effectively addressed our unique requirements and created a great, solid foundation for the future and delivered it all on an extremely aggressive timeline.”

Jared Yellin

Jared Yellin

Chief Executive Officer

“Axelerant is committed to getting the job done. With strong technical skills, they're fearless when venturing into new areas.”