Enterprise-grade WordPress support isn’t just about filing tickets and waiting for resolutions. It’s about finding the best possible way to solve problems your platform may be facing. At the same time, being proactive about potential issues that may impact your WordPress site in the future helps you derive more value from your business. That’s what we focus on, here at Axelerant: doing what’s right by you and your business.



Continuous Delivery Support

Our teams are extremely agile, with a major focus on eventual goals. Our job is to be quick and efficient when it comes to addressing issues that affect your platform—and by extension, your entire business.


Customer Success Focus

Our primary focus is on eventual customer success, which only comes about when we work with our clients as partners. We believe that successful partnerships are forged out of openness and empathy—qualities that help us understand what your business needs, and how your platform fits into that mosaic.


Open Source Expertise

We believe in contributing back to the open source community that’s created brilliant frameworks like WordPress. It also allows us to test the limits of our expertise and push ourselves further ahead—gains which are ultimately passed on to our clients.

Managed Services

We ensure that you never have to spend time troubleshooting issues with your WordPress website again. Whether it’s WordPress updates, security monitoring or data migrations, we take care of it all.



Security Audits and Monitoring

With our 24/7 security audit and monitoring services, we make sure your site isn’t vulnerable to any malicious threats.


Periodic Off-Site Backups

No more risk of you losing data. We keep your files and database safe and sound with our secure off-site backups.


Performance Optimization

We root out issues that cause your website to perform poorly, giving you a faster website and improved user flow.


Bug Fixes

Broken features and bugs translate into frustrated customers and fewer conversions. We help you solve those niggling issues that result in poor experiences for your users.


Regular Updates

Whether it is WordPress Core updates, or theme/plugin updates, we keep your website up-to-date and performing well.


Incident Management

In case your site is hacked or goes down, our highly-skilled team is available on hand to help you get it back up right away and address any vulnerabilities.