12 Tips for DrupalCon Barcelona [infographic]

September 10, 2015


Ready for DrupalCon Barcelona? There’s so much to be excited about. If you’re a Drupaler prepping to go to the colorful city (famous for gorgeous beaches, Las Ramblas Blvd., and Antoni Gaudí) then this infographic is for you.

DrupalCon-Barcelona2015-Infographic12 Tips For DrupalCon Barcelona from Axelerant

  1. Carry ID. It's the law.
  2. Wear fun shirts (with awesome jokes).
  3. Thank contributors. You use their stuff.
  4. Connect on social media with everyone you meet.
  5. Attend at least one "Birds of a Feather."
  6. Brush up on your Catalan. Barcelona, t'estimo!
  7. Go to the sprints (even if you don't think you know enough).
  8. The Community Kickoff includes the mixer and the first time attendee social.
  9. Remember, BoF's, Sprints, and the Hallway can't be watched later.
  10. Don’t get caught on the streets wearing a Real Madrid jersey.
  11. Go easy on the sangria. DrupalCons have after-after-parties.
  12. Don’t go without touring Sagrada Familia (it's 15 minutes from the CCIB).

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