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Axelerant's Collaborations with Acquia

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Engagement Areas

  • Digital Engineering
  • Migration
  • Plugin Development

Technology Stack

  • Drupal 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Acquia DAM
  • Mautic
  • Acquia Lift
  • PHP
  • Workflow
  • Site Studio (formerly Cohesion)
  • Acquia Commerce Manager
  • Acquia Cloud Site Factory

No. Of Engagements

  • 45+


Our Relationship

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"Axelerant is a group of dedicated, smart professionals. They are a highly knowledgeable and technically strong, dedicated team members that take up and own tasks."

  • Shashank-Pabrai
  • Shashank Pabrai

    Former Regional Director, Acquia

About Acquia

A leader in Software as a Service, Acquia combines the flexibility of Drupal with the world's only open marketing cloud for an unrivaled enterprise digital experience platform. 

Its software and services are engineered around Drupal to give enterprises the ability and flexibility to create, operate, and optimize websites, applications, and other digital assets and experiences.
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Our Engagements


Here are the domains our partnership has served, along with focused case studies.

High Tech

Axelerant Engineers Plugins For Campaign Studio & Helps Acquia Migrate From Marketo To Mautic

We facilitated smooth migration from Marketo to Mautic post acquisition by Acquia. We also readied Making Campaign Studio for mass adoption by its diverse customer base. 


Together with Acquia, Axelerant enabled Marketo to personalize touchpoints in the buyer journey and center around optimizing the lead management mechanism. This enabled the world's largest open-source marketing automation project to become complete in all respects under Acquia.

Plugin Creation and Migration for Mautic_Acquia_Axelerant

Acquia Partner Series: Acquia DAM

Axelerant helped make improvements in the Acquia Digital Asset Management product offering through testing, expanded functionality, and better user experience. 


Acquia DAM has. today, evolved into a unified platform. It now offers ease of using digital assets, keep them updated, streamlining communication and eliminating inefficiencies. 

Acquia DAM Success Story _ Axelerant

Higher Education

How We Built Scalable Multisites For A Leading Research University

Acquia’s customer, a prominent research university in the United States, wanted to scale their multiple websites built using pure PHP. Their team had to constantly replicate the code in multiple repositories, test these independently, and deploy each individually. 


Using Drupal 8 and a host of Acquia services like Cohesion, Acquia Lift, Acquia DAM, Layout Builder, Acquia Cloud Site Factory, etc., we helped the customer migrate their websites to a scalable multisite solution.

Building Scalable Multisites for a University _ Acquia _ Axelerant


How We Helped Accelerate Site Creation For A Fortune 200 Life Sciences Company

We helped our agency partner Acquia engineer a tool to enable their customer, a Fortune 200 life sciences company, to rapidly launch new brand websites.

Using Drupal and Site Factory majorly, we were able to deliver an Acquia-backed platform that rapidly launches new websites with consistent brand experience and personalized user journeys.

Accelerating Site Creation for Fortune 200 Life Sciences _ Acquia _ Axelerant

Media & Entertainment

How We Migrated Millions Of Content Items To Drupal For Lonely Planet

We helped Lonely Planet achieve an upgrade for its highly customized legacy website by streamlining and migrating from Ruby on Rails to Drupal 8.  


Part of the new system was launched successfully. At the close of the engagement, the customer’s team had completed a small migration from their WordPress-based portal to the Drupal site as part of their consolidation efforts. 


Axelerant successfully enabled team Lonely Planet to conduct a smooth migration on their own.


Content Migration for Lonely Planet_Acquia_Axelerant


Consolidating DX Across 90+ Brands For Retail Megalith

The customer wanted to achieve a scalable multisite solution that could keep pace with the customer’s growth and create brand sites that bring together content and commerce capabilities to deliver a seamless UX. 


Together with Acquia, we chose Drupal Magento, Acquia Cloud, and Acquia Site Factory to deliver the required capabilities.

Consolidation DX for Retail _ Acquia _ Axelerant

Consumer Brands

How We Built Accessible Websites For A Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Our customer, a consumer goods manufacturer, wanted to achieve a uniform look and feel across their stationery section. They also aimed for easier maintenance and a world-class UX that offer 100% accessibility.

Through thorough testing with audit tools like WAVE and Lighthouse, we ensured that all of the client’s four sites we developed were WCAG 2.0 AA compliant on all major browsers. 

Building Accessible Websites _ Acquia _ Axelerant


Acquia Partner Series: Acquia Site Factory

We’ve partnered with dozens of household names and Fortune 500 organizations on their multisite projects using Site Factory. These collaborations involve multiple stakeholders, distributed teams, and highly technical requirements.

Acquia Site Factory _ Success Story _ Axelerant (1)

Acquia Partner Series: Acquia Cloud

Here are a few examples of our projects across industries that involve Acquia Cloud.

From large universities to nonprofits, and big pharma, we've helped many a brand to make the most of Acquia Cloud. 

Acquia Cloud Success Story _ Axeletrant