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Axelerant Celebrates Drupal By Giving Back

Axelerant Celebrates Drupal By Giving Back

The best way to celebrate Drupal’s 20th anniversary is by contributing and recognizing the makers that keep the project thriving. 

Drupal 9.1 Is Here Are You Ready To Upgrade

Drupal 9.1 Is Here: Are You Ready to Upgrade?

Here’s an introduction to the newest Drupal 9.1 features and how to upgrade from different versions.


Axelerant becomes ISO 27001 Certified for Security 

Axelerant’s security practices meet globally accepted standards with the ISO 27001 Certification.


Axelerant Announces A Strategic Partnership With CNCF

Our latest endeavor with CNCF as silver members to participate in wide-reaching networking and opportunities.

A Complete Overview of Drupal Migration & More

A Complete Overview of Drupal Migration & More

With the launch of Drupal 9 in June 2020, the topic of Drupal migration is fresh on everyone’s mind. In this blog, we will be overviewing the know-hows of Drupal migration and more.

Choose Your CMS: Drupal 8 Vs. WordPress

Choose Your CMS: Drupal 8 vs. WordPress

A brief summary of advantages of WordPress and Drupal 8 and setting up the migration process from WordPress to Drupal.

Why Do We Need Engineering Best Practices

Why Do We Need Engineering Best Practices?

We are taking a closer look at engineering best practices: why we need them and how they help us deliver value to our customers. 

It’s Time To Update The Drupal Core

It’s Time To Update The Drupal Core

Why and how to update the Drupal Core after Drupal 9’s release with Composer and what are the challenges along the way.


Axelerant + Engage 2020: Who Should Care?

Acquia Engage Online 2020 is free for anyone to attend. This will bring enterprise-level technologists and CTOs, digital agency decision makers, CMOs, Acquians, members of the Drupal and Mautic communities, and others. And we’re proud to be sponsoring.


Performing Drupal 9 Content Migration

Learn the importance of data and how to execute the content migration with a plan and available modules.


Why Should You Migrate From Drupal 6/7 To Drupal 8/9?

Importance of migrating to Drupal 9 for Drupal 6 & 7 users and the consequences of not migrating to Drupal 8 before its end-of-life.


The Drupal 8 Journey & The Road To Drupal 9

What to look for in Drupal 9 based on what we saw during the Drupal 8 journey and why migrate to the latest release.