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Hiring DevOps Talent: Your Uphill Battle

Hiring DevOps talent is part of a bigger challenge. The costs of hiring this talent can be high, but there are alternatives.

Talent to Hire: Your 2017 Website Support Team

When planning your website support team for 2017, what talent should you hire? These skills, or lack thereof, could make or break your site next year.

Continuous Delivery Tools & Models Aren't Magical

Stakeholders lose faith in Continuous Delivery tools and models because, despite enthusiastic adherers, these really aren't magical.

Website Downtime Recovery: 6 Steps & More Detection Tools

Keep up on website downtime causes, website downtime recovery steps, and the detection tools your teams can depend on.

Is Agile Website Support & Maintenance Possible?

Agile website support and maintenance is a goal for many: can support and maintenance become agile?

Hire Freelance Developers, but not for Support

Let's share some words on why site owners might not want to hire freelance developers for support. (Nothing personal, freelancers. It's strictly business.)

Remove & Resize WordPress Images

Most plugins to resize WordPress images don't remove the current resized images, which leads to bloat. These command lines will remove them.

Agile Drupal Retrospectives Enable Prospective Success

Agile Drupal retrospectives are about one thing and one thing only. Making future success easier than the last time (and the time before that).

7 Ways To Win At Mobile Application Testing

Mobile device usage left desktops dusty and passé. Ensure users get the most out of your app with these 7 mobile application testing methods.

6 Drupal DevOps Engineer Skills To Bank On

Regardless of how you approach defining Drupal DevOps, what's for certain is this: the Drupal DevOps Engineer and their skills have changed the ecosystem.

What Can Happen Without Ongoing Drupal Support

Website projects don't stop when they're delivered. That's when they're finally tested, and Drupal support becomes essential to keep them going as expected.

5 Ways Drupal DevOps Multiplies Production Capabilities

Drupal DevOps is how we’re increasing the delivery capability of our teams. It’s how we tackle issues and put forward enhanced value for our clients.